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Pletikosa In Moscow Already

Posted on: March 18, 2007


Spartak newly-acquired goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa arrived in Moscow the 14th.

FC Spartak Moscow were precoccupied with their keeper problem throught the preseason and settled the problem with few hours to go before the end of the transfer deadline, signing Croatian goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa.

On arriving in Moscow, Pletikosa agreed to talk to Sport Express.

“It is the third time I come to Moscow,” said Pletikosa.

“The first time was when Shaktar played Lokomotiv in Champions League qualifying round and the second when Croatia met Russia last year.”

“I have to go back to Croatia on Monday to play for the national team.”

“I talked to my compatriot Ivica Križanac playing for Zenit and now I know that we will have to meet on the field very soon.”

“Moreover I talked to Ivica Olić and he told me a lot of intersting details about the competiotion and the city.”

“I am ready to take the place in the goal on Sunday already as Spartak play Amkar Perm however let’s see what the manager thinks about it.”

“I am in a good form for I have trained hard with Shakhtar during the pre-season.”

“However it was a whole month ago that I spent 90 minutes in action.”

“I can shoot from the penalty spot.”

“Goals are the main part of football so I decided to make my supporters happy by shooting from the penalty spot.”

“However it so happened once that I had to shoot twice in one game, I missed the first but converted the second so I never do this anymore.”

Posted by Denis : SOURCE Sports Express

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