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Niko Kranjcar Wants Out Of Portsmouth

Posted on: March 20, 2007


Niko Kranjcar has announced that he wants out of Portsmouth.  Niko is not happy with ammount of time he spends on the field. He has only started 2 games with redknapps squad.

Niko kranjcar and his agent will try to get out of the Portsmouth contract and look elsewhere. Niko is still wanted by big clubs, and a move to another club could be the right thing to do.

Niko Kranjcar as we know has been praised by both Redknapp, fans, and the English media. But still no starting spot for the young talent. The best and most important thing now is to find a good club to play for. It seems that Niko has lost his passion for the English club….even if he might not admit it publicly.

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11 Responses to "Niko Kranjcar Wants Out Of Portsmouth"

I find it hard to believe this story to be honest.He doesn’t seem the type of person to say those things and even admitted recently that he hasn’t been playing his best football.Personally I don’t think he has deserved to start.He’s been very inconsistent with his passing and his defending is very average.Now and then he throws in a bit of trickery and a flash pass but he’s certainly not a player I regard as the first I’d put on the starting sheet on what I’ve seen this season, and that’s every game that’s been on tv like everyone else has seen.
Do you guys think he’s been good enough?

i think he deserves it….not cause hes croatian,but because he is going to be a top player one day….u can see glimpses of greatness when he plays…hes not consistant but he has the talent,so help him grow off it..i wasent happy when he wound up at portsmouth,id rather see him somewhere with more talent to help him

This is probably a ruse to get harry’s attention more than anything else. Still, Pompey’s just not the team for his style of play. For one, they play a straight 4-4-2, which doesn’t figure in for his natural position in the middle behind the strikers. So, he ends up playing on the left, which he is not great at because he’s slow as hell and doesn’t like making runs down the flank. He can try to play as one of the two central mid-fielders, but in England they are the ball winners-similar to players like N. Kovac or J.Leko. Kranjcar can’t (or wont) play that role. Besides, he doesn’t like to run, a must in the EPL if you expect playing time…

I dont really like portsmouth i wish he played somehwre else…
I really want him to play in Spain, or at least for manchester…

He should play another season and try and become a regular starter.He would be better in Italy I think.Spain is fast paced like England but other Croatians adapt well to italy so he would probably be great in that league.Maybe in 2 years time , he’s still only 22 and a couple of years away from his prime.

I don’t like Portsmouth as well, I just watch the games bc of Niko.
Harry cannot see the forest bc of all the trees, and the fowarders are not effetive. He could make a hell of a difference with the squad he have, but he doesn’t. I think Niko should play with Totti and Mancini for Roma, or Lazio.

I agree with Jero about one more season, and I also don’t see Niko saying this kind of things. Probably this is just a rumour…

hey melissa

i was reading in the morning on Kranjcar jednog dana postat cu trenera) that Niko was giving answers to questions and there was someone who’s name was Melissa Linz, Brazil was that you?

anyway his answer on Melissa’s question(What do you think about the Balkan leaque?) was:

I don’t think about that at all, i left Croatia early to play abroad and i will never come back to Croatia to play for a Croatian club when i end my career i want to be a trainer.

btw he only wanted to quit his contract so that he can add 3 years more to play in Pompey

Melissa….I forgot about the questions and answers for Niko! Did he answer any of our questions….

It seems he answerd one of yours according LukaCroatia

Yes, after two weeks waiting I just got mine yesterday when I got home – I’m a so happy! And yes I sent the question you guys raised here about a Balkan superleague and he answered that – how cool is that, huh?

There were questions from Japan and Netherlands, man.
I’ll scan tonight and send to you, Denis. With a txt version of the interview to make things easier for you.

And at the interview, he is very humble – not the type of guy who would force a starting spot or leave…

thanx i would appreciate getting a copy….
my e-mail is

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