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Petric: If bilic tells me to play I will play

Posted on: March 20, 2007


Mladen Petric is feeling better, he sais his leg doesnt hurt at all when he walks. He still doesnt know how it feels when he plays though he said. He will find out soon in a training session for croatia in Catez with the national squad…

Petric told the press that if he is not 100 percent fit, he doesnt think he should play.
But if bilic wants him to play his sais he will. ” I dont care if my leg hurt, i would play if bilic asked
me to. It wouldn’t be a good idea, but Im willing to.

Slaven Bilic said, that if Petric is not a hundred percent he will not play him. It is not a big decision for
Slaven Bilic….It a very simple one…

Petric is the leading goal scorer for croatia right now, hopeully he will get fit so he can play against macedonia.
the match is just days away, hopefully he will recover on time…

Balaban is ready to step in if Petric doesn’t feel fit for the match. Balaban is currenty doing great for club Brugge.
Rangers are thinking to replace dado Prso with Balaban…More on that story tommorow

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7 Responses to "Petric: If bilic tells me to play I will play"

Denis, kako si!!
Is there any chance there will be a live feed for the game against macedonia! nuthn on tv here in australia 😦 😦 :(….

I will try to find a live feed….I will post it here and on

I suppose Balaban deserves his chance but I’d rather see Budan get a chance.He’d be very determined to show that he’s up to that class and he’s playing against better sides every week than Balaban and has a good goal haul so far.And they’re classy goals.Balaban’s been on the fringe for so long but hasn’t been able to get a look in.Where was he at the World Cup? He’s a good third or fourth stringer behind even Olic for me in this match.

now thats pride on petric…he says if bilic wants him no matter how hard the struggle hes ready….i give petric alot of respect for that…but no we want him healthy i say he sits n budan gets his me olic had his chances n never did anything with them…balaban is always solid as a back up…but gice budan his chance…i wish klansic was around

im personaly wouldnt have a clue what to do…
Balaban has been scoring many goals this past week…Olic is also doing great, Budan is also a scroring machine….

Deciding who to play and who not play for is a hard decision. All i know is that i feel comfortable with Eduardo, and petric on top…

I wish Petric was fit but we do need to have another striker who can really compete for a starting spot and with Petric out someone gets that chance and it’s better against Macedonia than England or Russia.Hopefully eduardo will continue on his goalscoring spree.I’m far more worried about Robert Kovac missing than who will replace Petric.

Yeh livefeed would be awesome !! hvala

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