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Petric Will Not Play Against Macedonia!

Posted on: March 21, 2007


Mladen Petric will miss the game in Maksimir against Macedonia for sure said Slaven Bilic in a press confrence in Catez. Petric injured himself against Auraua, and up untill today he was a possibility to play….

but having had trouble practicing Slaven Bilic decided it would
be best if he doesn’t play Mladen Petric, giving him more time to heal
from his injury’s.

Slaven Bilic announced that the most likely player who will get a
chance against Macedonia will be Balaban, Budan, and Olic. He will also
bring Mundzukic but he is 4th in line and will most likely not play Slaven Said.
When asked who will start instead of Mladen Petric Slaven replied he will not
reveal that untill the game against Macedonia.

He was also talking how great the our substitute forwards are doing
in their leagues. He has complete faith in his team. And is hoping for a good result
on Saterday March 24th 2007.

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8 Responses to "Petric Will Not Play Against Macedonia!"

hey, where is eduardo?

Eduardo will play. Bilic was talking about having either Balaban, Budan, and Olic as Petric substitute. And Mandzukic would be fourth in line. But Eduardo has the other spot up front. I wish Mladen wasn’t injured. He’s one of my fave players on the team at the moment. I hope Budan gets the start over Balaban and Olic.

Eduardo is fine mellisa he will play for sure….hes a regular croatian starter

…normalno… dudu je u igri …

No need to even mention Dudu anymore, he’s just number 1.Petric is also a certainty now which is great to have two stand out strikers.I can’t believe that only 6 months ago these guys were left out of the World Cup.Still hard to understand what Cico was thinking back then?? I’m always struggling to tell my non Croatian friends that we’re now a completely different side from the WC and that this Croatian team could have got out of the group stage easily.
Hard to convince people who don’t watch them play or follow the team so I guess we’ll just have to suprise everyone again like in ’98.Only we Croatians won’t be suprised like everyone else will be in 2008.

Oh, and I agree with Nick. I’d love to also see Budan get the chance here.At home would be perfect.

lol Jero I tottaly agree….Everyone will be surprised just like 98…Non of my friends belive that croatia is as good as I say it is…

does it really matter EDOU going to 4 goals

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