Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Game Time! Croatia vs Macedonia!

Posted on: March 24, 2007


Its Almost game time…we are just hours away from the very anticipated game between Croatia and Macedonia! Here are the official line ups!


Croatia 4-4-2 formation

Macedonia 5-3-2 formation



Corluka – Simic – Simunic – Babic

Noveski – Sedloski – Vasoski

R. Popov – – – – – – – – – Lazarevski

Rapaic – N.Kovac – Modric – Kranjcar

Shumulikoski – A.Mitreski


Balaban – Eduardo

Naumoski – Maznov

Referee: Konrad Plautz (AUT)
Assistant referee: Markus Mayr(AUT)
Andreas Fellinger(AUT)
Fourth official: Thomas Einwaller(AUT)
UEFA Referee observer: Marc Batta (FRA)
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27 Responses to "Game Time! Croatia vs Macedonia!"

Aye Dennis One question man, will the game be on htv1 or htv2 caue i found a streaming live video for htv1 ( are they the same) ?? Cheers

Or htv sat

im sorry but they only show it on htv2 but they don’t provide that feed.

They have htv1 which is free but doesnt show sports….

You can listen to the match, click on “Glas Hrvatske” its located in
click hrt live

Sorry to bother again dennis, but is that jumptv just commentry for the croatia game..All i see it says is commentary???
Thanks alot for ya help

here let me give you a better link…..

its not commentry, it live vieo….

oh, and dont worry, ask as many questionsas you want 🙂

any free sites ? iam broke bicth

I looked everywhere I couldnt find a free site…. I had to buy the Internet version for 4 dollars…..

4$ where?

denis is croatia weraing away jerseys agian blue but there at home?????

macdecion i thnik have whiten red 3rd yellow

any way u KNOW WHAT CROATIA WEARING blue or redn white

yo u no?

Its all good denis i paid for it on jumptv i cant wait, i will still watch u post your thoughts though!! I hope they do well
Thanks alot man


u there i need info on the jerseys its in blueor renwhite WTF I DONT KNOW U KNOW!!!!

its in BLUE…..its our new home jersey

Cant wait untill the match!! only 15 minutes left!!

ante you can listen to the free commentry available at click on hrt live , then on Glas Hrvatske ( radio)

theres still a few hours left denis

LOL Iyea…i thought it was 5 minutes….but then i realized i didnt calculate the timing right! lol

Man I cant wait.

croatia wearing blue about macedonia >> yellow

jebemti kako mozeju gubit protiv Macedonija???? stvarno me to nije jasno!

they win 2-1 ye srna n DUDU

BALABAN wtf scoire bicth

OLE!!! 2-1!!!! We need Petric….balaban, budan are not croatia material…

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