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Petric Will Play Against Macedonia! ( Rumor)

Posted on: March 24, 2007


This is what I have heard from many Croatian soccer fans, and e-mails.They all told me that Petric will play against Macedonia, and that Bilic is just covering this up to mess up Macedonia’s game plan…

If you look carefully in Training Videos of the Croatian national team,
you can clearly see Petric is walking smooth as ever. I know, Petric
said himself, his leg doesn’t hurt when he walks. But how cool would
it be if Petric really does play against Macedonia! This obviously just
a rumor, lets cross our fingers and hope the Scoring Stud will play
tomorrow! But first we have to hope the roomer is true….

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Macedonian Football! Croatia vs Macedonia March 24th 2007

1 Response to "Petric Will Play Against Macedonia! ( Rumor)"

I honestly think it would be best if petric doesnt play bc if he is hurt u dont want him to injury it even more. You already have desilva up top and balaban or budan can play and probably make something happen. I would rather see petric sit this one out to rest and not possibly hurt himself where it will hurt him in the long run.

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