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Ante Rukavina Scores Hattrick For Croatias U-21

Posted on: March 27, 2007


Ante Rukavina, the Croatian International and U-21 International Scored a Hattrick against Slovenia for the U-21 squad…
His first goal was in the 11th minute. The goal was beautiful, he scored that goal with his head.After the 17th minute Rukavina the Hajduk star assisted Busic for for 2-0. In the 42nd minute Rukavina scored an amazing Volley, that was his second goal of the match. When the second half started Rukavina scored an even more impressive goal. This time it was from 17 meters out! What a goal it was! Rikavina was extremely happy with his goals.

Couple days before Rukavina was on the Croatian bench watching the Croatia vs Macedonia game. Instead of him, Budan was on the field playing. Bilic said for every game, he will bring a new talented player to the squad to practice with them and and see what it is like playing for the national team. This will give them more recognition, and more confidence late on. Bilic also said he is doing this ebacsue he doesn’t want
new players to end up like Dado Prso who experienced so much in a very small ammount of time.

Anyway, Rukavina is a great talent. I can’t wait to see him play in the next friendly match for the real croatian international team. When our next friendly is, I dont know. I will find out soon.

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6 Responses to "Ante Rukavina Scores Hattrick For Croatias U-21"

Hi Denis, according to jadransport we were supposed to be playing Bosnia on the 28th of March.However that was written weeks ago and also says another date at the bottom which doesn’t make sense.Here is the article:

15.02.2007 by Brane Bosnic
With both teams having the day off from Euro qualifying, Bosnia and Croatia have scheduled a friendly for Wednesday, March 28.
This will be the fourth time the two sides have met on the pitch, with Croatia winning all three of their previous encounters in convincing fashion. The match will come four days after the two teams face Norway and Macedonia respectively in their Euro 2008 campaigns. It is still unknown where the match will be played, however it has been determined that the venue will either be Osijek or Sarajevo.
Previous Matches:
October 1996: BiH-Croatia 1:4 (World Cup 98 qualifier)
September 1997: Croatia-BiH 3:2 (World Cup 98 qualifier)
April 2002: Croatia-BiH 2:0 (friendly)
Note: The match has been scheduled for August 22 and will be played in Sarajevo at Asim Ferhatovic-Hase Stadium.

Yea we were supposed to play Bosnia the 28th but it got canceled for another date.

I will try to find out when our next match is…. If you find out sooner please post it here.

hey dennis if its possible can you get highlights of the game..i would really like to see the goals rukavina scored..

Oh Frane, I was trying to include the video but I couldnt find anything on youtube. If I find anything I will post it here… 🙂

I almost forgot! I watched this ogame too! We dominated like crazy! The slovenians didnt have a chance!

Rukavina was really good in this match, it keeps you wondering why he didnt play instead of balaban against Macedonia

play bosnia in august!

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