Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Suker’s Oppinions About The Croatian Squad

Posted on: March 28, 2007


Oh look its Davor Suker! The Croatian soccer legend from the Golden generation! Well he was interviewed by Sports Express, lets hear what he said about the National Team…

Davor Suker said, and is very confident that Croatia will take part in the Euro 2008 tournament. He said he was very impressed with squads playing style, and is congratulating them for their great performances.

Although there are a lot of games left, Suker thinks that we will have the game deciding match against eather England or Russia.

Davor Suker also commented on Englands performance. He said that the English always find a way to qualify but this time it could be very different. If England doesn’t set things up straight very soon, they will become a huge disappointment in their country.

England is in the toughest situation right now. They are pressured to win every game they play. Now they will be even more nervous every match they don’t do well in. Suker said England has a great squad. The players in it are the most expensive once in Europe, and this would be the greatest soccer disappointment if England
doesn’t qualify.

Davor said that it is hard to have to know that quality teams such as Russia and Engalnd might not take part in Euro 2008. It will be interesting to see what will happen.


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3 Responses to "Suker’s Oppinions About The Croatian Squad"

This is the first time i heard anything from davor suker, lol. The last time was back in 2002!

He is my favorite Croatian player, and all I know he was running some soccer camps. Perhaps he will become a coach for croatia someday! ūüôā

Yeah, great player.All I read is that England are bad or that they must win every game now to qualify.But what I never hear is how good we are playing, and Russia also.The English press just talk about what they have to do to qualify as if no one else exists.They haven’t considered that they might not actually win in Russia ,which is a very good possibility.And it’s not because they’re so bad(England) but maybe it’s because both Croatia and Russia are actually good.
We have to lose games for England to overtake us and they have to win every match from now on I believe.If Russia gets a draw against England then they will still be behind us both all the way to the end match and we’ll only need a draw or we’ll be qualified by that stage anyway.Macedonia away is our most crucial game probably, all the hard games are at home except the last.

Suker! SUker! heh my fav player of all time!

he must be prud too of our boys. Many former croatian players from the golden generation claim that croatia is now better then the 98 squad! That would aweseome if it was true…

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