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Srna Video Compilation! CRO vs MAC 2-1

Posted on: March 29, 2007


Check out Srnas Performance against Macedonia! Jero, our frequent site visior pointed out the video. The video was made by Gordocro from YouTube. Special thanks to him for this video and other beautiful Croatian soccer videos…

Srna Compilation – By Gordocro

Who is Srna?

Special Thanks To Jero

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25 Responses to "Srna Video Compilation! CRO vs MAC 2-1"

I love the First video, the music kind of pumps me up! Man im really proud of our boys, they really made us proud. They won all games except the one against Russia where we tied..

oh snap! What a video! That shits of the hook. Our team is amazing. Bilic is one smart cookie, even if he did’t put Srna first half, he was smart enough to put him in the seccond half. 🙂

The macedonians were lucky, they shouldnt of even scored that crappy goal. It was pletikosas fault, but it happens to everyone, so its all good.

yea bilic did a great job with the team. I cant wait untill our next match…speaking of the next match, i still didnt find anyhing about our next friendly match.

WOw nice video!

Croatia is great, Im really proud of what they have done. As the commentator said on TV, Croatia are the Brazilians of the balkans.

Tako je serna!!! Show em whose boss!

damn! He’s got the strenght of a horse, look at him, hes everywhere

pa staces, mora neko….

THE ONLY THING I PISSED AT STILL AT THE 1-0 lose to poland fucken poland plp think there so good

what u thin denis croatia vs poland remecth

GAY BORUS SHOWS MIDDLE Figer to croatia fans

fuken croatia player should of stand up right denis

Poland, who gives a crap about them. They beat us by luck…plus it was a friendly. I bet we would kill em this time. Last time we played them it was with Kranjcar as coach. But yea, a rematch would be nice….And who ever gave the middle finger to the croatian fans is a huge fag..

i know but fucken cant belive no croatia player fuken punch that mother fucker boruc i the face

i think croatia can win the euro 2008 there playin the best now

yo croatia have any new team pictures yet TEAM PIP OST PZZZZZZZ

if u look at the standings in 1st

i know croatia can beat them all but the only 1 remacth poland pissing me off FUCKEN WANT REMACTH!!!!!!!

FUCK it was lukcy 1-0 but still remacth


this is my starting 11

stipe pletikosa




FOR euro 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats the the one i think that will win it all…. 🙂

I was talking to some of my Cro buddies yesterday and we were saying how lucky we were to have Croatian blood running through us.There are a hundred small countries who can play ok football but we’re the best of all of them.No one even talks about the size of our country anymore, we’re a threat to every major football nation on the planet.It may sound corny but I feel truly blessed to support such an amazing football side , even my non Croatian friends are now in awe of us.That’s all we want isn’t it? To be known as a great football team like the giants of the game.Hopefully we’ll just improve with the guys spending more time together and very few changes to the team.Unlike another team in our group, England, who after 6
games are still unsure of players best positions and lack confidence and passion.

You are absolutley right. We really are lucky to be part of something amazing as this. Croatia is a nation with lots of pride. We take our sports seriouse, and I coudn’t imagine not being part of something special as being a croatian and supporting the national team.

Unlike many teams in the world we take pride in playing for the national team for us its not all about money. When you put on a checkered shirt, you are not just waring a shirt, you a wearing the shirt for the whole nation.

Our country might be small, but it is the most beautiful small country in the world. from its beaches to forrests. Croatia is a facinating place.

Croatia is really uniqe, there is many balkan countrys but Croatia to me is very different from other balkan countrys, we love our freedom and we enjoy it everyday. I guess Croatia is a place that appreciates everything it has.

Anyways, if you never been to Croatia you must go there someday…

And how do you know that Soccer is the most popular sport in croatia someone asked me? When your grandma and grandpa are anticipating to watch the national team play….that how you know

unfortunately for me my friends arent in aw of croatia! i live in australai where football isnt shown so often so all they remember is australia kicking us out of wc 06. It is so annoying
i want it to be euro 2008 so we can show them all whose boss in a major tournament!
We have a lot of pride and too much skill in the midfields to not qualify 4 2008

Yeah Joze, I’ve been on other forums after we beat England and there were australians on the site saying we were rubbish cause they were better than us at the WC.It just showed me exactly what i already knew, that typical Aussies with no foreign blood know absolutely nothing about football and only jumped on the football wagon during Australia’s qualifying campaign.I’m sure the majority of their supporters at the WC wouldn’t have a clue about football.The most passionate supporters in Australia are the clubs with croatian, greek, italian and serb backgrounds and they probably supported those teams at the WC and not Australia.I’m in New Zealand where nobody knows about Croatia or football apart from all the non kiwis and those are the people I hang around with apart from my Cro buddies.However, my best friends are English so they know everything about Croatia now.I gave up trying to tell people our team is nothing like the WC team, what’s the point when they don’t have a clue anyway.Aussie Croats are good value.

Denis, I was in Croatia a couple of years ago and on my way to watch Hajduk we walked past 3 little girls who must have been between 4 and 5 yrs of age.They were singing torcida anthems and the crowd of hundreds were just standing there and clapping them while they sang.That was amazing to watch.
They knew every word of the fans anthems.Inside the stadium I remember a group of boys singing a tribute song to the team about 3/4 of the way through the game for no reason other than they loved the team.The entire stadium, and it was full almost, stood up and cheered these boys for about 5 minutes after they finished.Those are the best memories I have of Croatia and
made me totally understand why we are so good, because of the incredible patriotism.The players understand how important football is to the country.

Great videos.

I dunno if you guys also heard that Dado Prso will be leaving Rangers this summer due to his knee being in worse condition.

Short lived, but yet amazing career. Best of luck Dado!!

well acrualy Dado is not quiting from playing soccer. he will just quit playing for Rangers.

He said he will play wit some other smaller clubs…

croatia is underratted but fuck how th efcuk can u lose to poland 1-0 that is gay poalnd is gay!!!!!!1

remacth fucker

it quite simple, we didnt have petric, and eduardo on our team… 🙂

the Poland game was a lifetime ago, why is it even coming up?? We know that side before the WC and during it couldn’t score goals and struggled through to 1-0 wins mostly.If the WC side was better we wouldn’t have 2 new strikers and wouldn’t be top of the group relying on Balaban and Olic to win us games.For me Croatia started after the WC and I’ve forgotten the 2 years of Cico and the fact he didn’t have the courage to play Eduardo who was voted best domestic player 3 weeks before the cup started, and never even gave Petric a look in at all.

Yeah the poland game was too long ago
its just like talking about the japanese or australian matches…that was a totally different team, different coach and 100% worse attitude.
This is the new Croatia and I think one of the best new features of our team is not underestimating teams that are ranked lower or havent won as many games as us.
I believe that if we still had cico we would never had beaten macedonia let alone england.

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