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Prso Quits Rangers But Not Soccer

Posted on: March 30, 2007


Dado Prso will leave Rangers at the end of the season. The Croatian striker informed Rangers manager Walter Smith of the news after consulting a specialist about a persistent knee complaint.

Prso will not retire but will instead look for another club where the physical demands are not so high.

The 32-year-old said: “I said to Walter I am just sad I didn’t get a chance to come here when I was
younger and in better shape.”

Prso was signed by Alex McLeish on a free transfer from Monaco in May 2004.

He retired from international football after the 2006 World Cup and is disappointed that he has
now been forced to leave Rangers.

“I would have loved to play here longer,” he said.

“The manager knew about my situation and has seen how hard it’s been this season with injuries.

“I will wait until the end of the season before I decide what I will do next year.

“I have the option of playing in an easier league, where things are not quite so intense,
but I don’t know.

“I am going to give my all until the end of the season and try to score as many goals as possible.

“The seasons have been getting harder and harder and I don’t think it’s fair to play if I am not
at my peak fitness.

“I think you can see from my level now and what it was, there is a difference and that’s hard for
me to take.

“I aim to try and do better in the remaining matches than I have done recently and I want to go
out on a high.

“I have spoken to the coach about my decision and it was a sad feeling.”

Prso helped Rangers win the Scotttish Premier League and League Cup double in his first
season, scoring 21 goals.

But his appearances have become less frequent this term.

Prso’s agent, Rank Stojic, told BBC Sport: “The doctor advised him that if he continues to
train and play with the intensity that he does at Rangers then he could damage his knee
long term.

“Dado has too much respect for Rangers not to give them 100%.”

However, Prso will not end his playing career when he leaves Ibrox and could join
LA Galaxy-bound David Beckham in the US Major League or head to the Far East.

“He will play on for sure,” said Stojic.

“We could make a decision on where he plays in the next 10 days or two weeks.

“The United States or the Far East are options he will consider.”

Posted By Denis – Written By BBC SPORTS

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9 Responses to "Prso Quits Rangers But Not Soccer"

yo denis wat u think of croatians players who si the #1 player hard q’s!

fif arankings r coming up new 1’s i think croatia shopud be 9 or 8 by in pt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The number one player for me right now is eduardo. He is such a consistent goal scorer.

But Kranjcar, Darijo, Babic, and Corluka are one of my top favorites..

prso is nothing, like i said we will destroy u croatians

russian gangster maybe u should worry about russias game before u worry about ours

I couldn’t name one Russian player , neither could any other person I know.
Anyone who calls himself a gangster is probably a little pussy in reality.Why would a Russian even come to a Croatian site?? What a loser.

Dont be scared of the russian invasion. In croatia we will show you who the real boss is.

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Croatians scared of Russians.I almost fell out of my seat laughing.Loser.

HAHAHAHA! Russian gangster! Lol what the hell are you doing here anyways. Dont you have your own blog to go to?

by The way we tied you guys in russia, just imagine when you come to Croatia. We will probably kick ur asses 3-0.

Lol Jero he really is a loser…

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