Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Watch Niko Kranjcar vs Moacedonia

Posted on: March 30, 2007


Here is a Video Compilation of Niko Kranjcar. Look at his skilles while he plays against Macedonia in our Euro Qualification Match from March 24th. Special Thanks to Gordocro for providing us with this video.

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13 Responses to "Watch Niko Kranjcar vs Moacedonia"

No question he plays well for Croatia.Unfortunately he doesn’t have those players around him at portsmouth who can let him be more creative and give him a bit more time on the ball.He looks stronger though and definately will be a major force for us and whichever club actually sees his future is in central midfield.I’m sure with another year in England under his belt he’ll have the tools defensively to replace Niko Kovac and offer alot more creatively in the middle of the park.I’d rather see someone with more pace out wide like Pranjic or Babic , genuine left sided players.Modric and Kranjcar looks a great midfield pairing for the future.

I have seen him play for Portsmouth before, he does a great job over there. He just needs to be played more and eventualy he will become better. Soccer is all about confidence. Once you get the confidence that Srna had against 24 you are then unstopable…

He always seems to play better for croatia
and im not complaining!

my name is Drago, we will destroy you croatians like little pigs…

Russia is too strong!


Fuck you! My computer is better then yours. When we russians meet you in Croatia we will kill your team! We will beat them, and break their legs if we have to.

All the talk about croatia is nonsense, everyone knows croatia deepdown is very weak team.

Your like bunch of cry babies, pride, pride – boohooo

Suck it in and play like man!

Drago sounds like his mummy should have put him to bed hours ago after feeding him.Must be on a computer in the Chernobyl plant cause he’s talking crazy.I remember we came to Russia with a second string team and should have won in the snow.Miserable weather and miserable people.What’s a Gangestar?Nice spelling idiot. I work with a Russian and he’s the biggest jerk ever, well maybe second now.Big mouth just like you but when I stepped him out last year he ran like a big pussy.All talk.

Hey russian gangster!

LOL you are so imature. You are probably only 14 years old and just talking shit. No one even cares about russia. The russian soccer team is not even interesting one bit.

LOL, pride! Thats what soccer is all about you idiot. Thats what wins games, thats the only reason international soccer is exists and that is for pride of your nation.

Dont be suprised when we croatians kick ur ass in Zagreb, or split…

Drago hahaha what a ugly name 🙂

anyway why do you think Russia is a good team? What did they acchieve in football(country’s) Nothing! Whyle Croatia won Bronze on a WC and reached a quarter at the European Championshp and in club CSKA won the UEfA cup but Dinamo Zagreb also won the UEFA CUP and in Champions league Hajduk Split reached the quarter and Russia? i think they never were on a Champions Leaque

so stop with this bullshit and admitt that Russians are a bunch of big pussies and Croatia will win! We should have won in Moskou, we were the bether team but Russia was good enough to prevend Croatia scoring but that won’t happen in Maksimir~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

one word! Bull Shit

@ RussianGangster

Isn’t “Bull Shit” two words? I’m just wondering because you said “one word” implying that you were going to use one word to make a statement. But instead of using one word, you used two words.

Stupid people are funny.

Denis thank you for the video!!!
That is EXACTLY what I like on you guys (and in Niko specially): the way you fool the foes!, and connect and go for it. Come what may, Macedonia, England, Italy… my congratulations guys!!!

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