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Niko Scored his First Goal For Portsmouth!

Posted on: March 31, 2007


A deflected injury-time goal by Ian Pearce – his first for the club – gave Fulham a 1-1 draw at home to Portsmouth. Niko Kranjcar had put Pompey ahead in the first half with a spectacular goal but incessant Fulham pressure paid-off despite David James’ heroics in the Portsmouth goal.

An excellent first half saw both sides create chances and David James the busier of the two keepers, saving well from Tomasz Radzinski, Michael Brown and Franck Quedrue.

But Pompey took a fourth minute lead through an excellent curling, right-footed
effort from Krancjar who had cut in from the left to the edge of the box after meeting
a Kanu flick-on. It was a super effort that curled past the helpless Antti Niemi into the
top right.

Fulham bit back though, the aforementioned saves from James keeping the South
Coast club in the game while Brian McBride wasted a good opportunity from a free-kick
and several good defensive headers and blocks from veteran defensive duo Sol Campbell
and Linvoy Primus kept the Cottagers at bay.

The second half saw Fulham continue their assault, McBride forcing a save from James
just after the break and the same man missing a glorious chance when James totally missed
a cross, while Primus did well to get in front of the American after excellent work from
Simon Davies and Liam Rosenior seemed to have created the opening for the Cottagers.

Whites boss Chris Coleman made three brave tactical chances during the ten minute period
before and after the hour mark, bringing on Wayne Routledge, Vincenzo Montella and
Collins John for Radzinski, McBride and Papa Bouba Diop. However, while Montella
looked lively with a couple of chances and Alexiy Smertin forced another superb stop
from James, Pompey themselves starting to make opportunities with Benjani and sub
Svetoslav Todorov calling Antti Niemi into action.

But Coleman’s move ultimately paid-off, Smertin with another weaving run laying
the ball off to Pearce, who grabbed an unlikely goal and a deserved point with a low
deflected shot from the edge of the box. The result keeps Fulham in 14th on 35 points,
five above 18th-placed Charlton, while Pompey stay ninth.


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31 Responses to "Niko Scored his First Goal For Portsmouth!"


Thnx Denis i couldn’t find the goal on youtube!

yea, i saw one in youtube, didnt work though. It might work later

same thing happend to me they were giving a link but when i clicked on it they were saying that there isn’t acces to the video

Russia is pissed cuz i deleted his messeges

Fucking russian, not that i have a problem with them….but i hate dum once

Fuck off! Your site sucks anyways. Croatia my ass. We will kill u!

it sucks but you still visit the site wtf

anyway Niko wasn’t the only one who scored so did Vejic for Tomsk. He should bether leave Tomsk and come back to Hajduk Split

LOL!! Dum Russian kid

Vejic scored! Nice didnt hear about that one…


Stop crying you little bitch. I can delete every message u have in here. So Why bother just shut the F*** up.

Hey Denis i just found a new link of Niko’s goal on youtube so you could replace you’re vidoe by this one. This video has sound:

Thanx luka, the video you found is way better! 🙂

Great goal. Any Russians score in the prem this week? Any score outside of Russia this year?? Enough said gangster.It’s actually a tribute that the little fag should come looking for Croatian sites cause I would never waste a second looking for Russian football sites.Maybe he secretly wants to be a Croat.
Good to see Stefanovic was first to congratulate Niko, nice.

What a fkn beautiful goallll!! Awesome i wish he did a better celebration with his firs goal though like celebrate with the crowd.
Better get some gametime for that stunner

couldn’t have scored a better goal Niko!
He’ll get more game time now!

Yea I guess it was nice to see stefanovic congratulating Niko. I guess its only the fans who have problems with each other

I kind of like the celebration he did. It makes him seem like he is the real deal.
🙂 Im so happy, Croatia is doing outstanding!!!

By The Way people. I will ad a new feature to the site. I will report soccer news through video.

Anyways, Thanks for the support! is doing quite well. Please tell as many people as you can about our site.

I’m trying to work out a deal with, we might exchange banners with them, which could bring in more Croatians to our site.

I’m working hard to make this site very popular among the Croatians and anyone who loves soccer. Please if you have any ideas on how to improve this site, let me know. I’m slowly running out of ideas.

Once again, Thank you very much for the support. This site couldn’t of functioned without you guys.

Denis, this site is great but do you really want to join with jadransport? The tension between Croats and Serbs on that site can be quite full on at times.
One Russian totally pissed me off yet alone serbs coming on this site.I love just talking to Croats about our team and hopefully it won’t be affected but they’ll definately come if you join with jadransport where they’re mostly serbs anyway.

Yeh u should get the site out more but not with jadransport. All the serbs will start coming in and saying stuff.
Maybe get conneected with some other cro sites.
Uve done a great job so far bringing all the news!
keep it up

I was so happy for him :D, what a great goal!

Thanx, i will see what I can do. I do not have enough money to advertise with other sites. But I also know that there is a large croatian audience on

If you find great ways for me to advertise this site let me know. I tried to advertise with Croatian sites but they complain cuz its in english. And this is the only croatian soccer site that is in english so finding someone else to advertise with us is hard.

let me know what I should do

You gotta do what’s best for you at the end of the day.Jadransport’s a good site and it isn’t a problem until people start being jerks and you won’t know that until you try them.The official national team site have an english version: but it hasn’t been updated for months and dinamo has an english site. This page here might have something you need:
Lots of croatian stuff there Denis, not sure if any of it is useful though??

i love the cock, really i do..I hope russia dont qualify for euro 2008 HRVATSKA deserve it way more, all there players are outstanding

Geeeeez i wish i was croatian 😦

Denis do what you like to make the site better man, its your choice really where your followers !!
Doing a awesome job still man keep it up

Counting down the days until 2nd June

Ooh Ahh Hrvatska

Man wat a nice ass goal. I hope he scores some goals like that for croatia. anyways denis man I love the website keep it up and with that addition of a video news player that would be awesome.

THAT was a beautiful goal!!!!
I knew it, I had this feeling he was about to do so!, if that’s what it takes for that team to wake up!!! Too bad they lost at the end!! And how cool he is!!! He doesnt even flinch or fear!

they didnt lose, i think they tied…

I went to that game. The Pompey fans were a lot louder than the Fulham supporters. And it was in Fulham. It was quite a boring game actually. But Kranjcars goal was fantastic. Once HR pulled Kranjcar off the field in the 65th minute I wanted to leave. Hope he gets a couple more…

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