Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Kranjcar Found Dead! 3 Players Still Missing!

Posted on: April 1, 2007


I cant belive this….I dont know what to say

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35 Responses to "Kranjcar Found Dead! 3 Players Still Missing!"

thisfor real denis wtf ?

yea its real I cant belive it!!

yo denis where u from toronto?

u get pay or this blog ot any FREE SHIT!!!!!


ahhhh sad znam Denise, dobar si

hahah jimm y go suckssome dicks

this blog is free, but the site is not

Thank you ! You’re the first person who got me today !!! *grrrr* ;D. Exzellent !! Love Niko that much, it hurt me to read this…. only so long I recognized the date . THANK YOU AGAIN (….*sendinghugstoNiko ) Volim te 🙂

Man u want me to die or something??1!?!?!?!
I was already searching for news on him all over the internet!!!
Don’t you ever – EVER!!! – do that again!!!

you bad bad kid..

april fools yo

Jesus!!! It’s april the 2nd where I am you bastards.I almost had a heart attack.
Couldn’t you have said Balaban or someone else less tragic but still shocking.
I’m smiling now but only because it’s not true.Phew! I hope you stand in a large piece of dog crap today for taking 10 years off my life.


GO TO 7 UP GET ME SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, sorry i guess this joke was a little too harsh. 🙂
But everything is okay. No more jokes like this until next year….

This really would be the worst nightmare for a Croatian soccer fan…
I just get goose bumps just thinking about it.

lol did you guys see the April 1st google prank? What they did is put a link underneath their search bar, the link said get free TciP Google Broadband for FREE. They claimed It easy to install and everything….but turns out it was just a prank

Holy shit denis when i saw this my heart skipped a couple beats. U scared me half to death Right away i thought of that first goal he scored for porstmouth and then read he is dead. Good joke though u got me pretty good.

my god i almost had a heartattack too…..i started calling my mates and telling them then i read that it was a prank…lucky lucky……….my day is so much better now all of a sudden !!! !

lol I had some big sport sites contact me, but then they realized it was just an april fools joke… 🙂

there goes my chance at fame…

A practical joke involves putting a fart cushion on a chair not telling someone their mother just died.How the fuck do you laugh that off when the person drops dead on the spot.I didn’t read any further down and went straight onto other news sites and football sites to check.So it was about 5 minutes before I knew it was a joke. 5 F*KIN MINUTES. I was almost in tears looking for news.
Jesus, possibly the best or worst April fools ever, I’m not sure yet.
Still freak when I look at that picture and headline and it’s not even true.

I actualy thought that most people would figure it out right away. Since it was April fools day, but yea. I guess it was a little too harsh of a joke.




Denis, I’m prob the only one that didn’t fall for it. lol.

I’ve been on guard all day. You’re the 4th person that has tried to trick me today.

heheh Torcida! I will get you next year!! 🙂

I didnt fall for it

What’s that message about IVAN?? Bit over the top.

Omg i totally believed u denis!!
Fukn helll i was getting a rope ready to hang myself.

On a totally different note I can’t believe I just read that Eduardo had signed a new 10 year extension with Dinamo.WTF! Why would he pussy out and not go to a bigger club when so many teams are interested?? He’ll never test himself against the best now for his whole career at club level.I’m really disappointed about this news cause I wanted to see him regularly on tv with a decent side.Looks like Dinamo are signing alot of players, maybe Niko and Robert Kovac and Igor Biscan.Good for them.I hope Rukavina doesn’t decide to stay. Kranjcar has improved alot for me already after leaving , he looks much better now than he looked at the WC and after only 3/4 of a season in a bigger league.Oh well, as long as he keeps scoring for Croatia I’m happy with Eduardo but I thought he had higher goals.

are you seriouse! 10 years!! What happend with 2 year contracts??

I personally would of loved to see him play in a big team. But I guess Dinamo is just doing their job. Trying to keep the good players on their team…

Withought him dinamo will not be as good as they are now. But I think they should of at least made a shorter contract.

hmmm….This is kind of interesting i just might make an article about this…

fuck dinamo

GO HAJDUK SPLIT 4 life !!!!!!!!!!


Fuck dude dotn make fun of kranjcar like that if u do one more time ill fcking break u man are u jelous that croats are awsome?

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