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Dudu: I want To Finish My Career In Dinamo

Posted on: April 2, 2007


Eduardo da Silva signed a new 10-year contract with Dinamo, with which he would be earning 132,000 euro per season.

With Dudo`s signature for a0-yearly loyalty to the Blues, harmonious brothers
Mamic are finalising the groundwork of the European Dinamo football club. From three jewels Modric,Eduardo and Corluka, only Vedran`s signature is missing:

-As far as we are concerned, we will do everything we can to realize this, but we have to si down with Vedran and his father who takes care of him. We will do everything from our side,but the final decision is theirs- the new Dinamo sports director Zoki Mamic says, concludingwith much enthusiasm that Dudo`s signature is one of the greatest days in club history:

-This is a great day for Dinamo football club, and I hope for Dudu as well. This is only the
fulfillment of our ambitions and the confirmation of what the club has been trying to do for
a long time and we are happy that we can sign a new 10-year contract with Dudu.

Ivankovic happiest for Dudu`s signature

-I am the happiest and most satisfied seeing how I am the coach, because the most
important player, together with Modric and Corluka, obliged to this kind of loyalty
to the club and that he is prepared to place all his knowledge to the club`s disposal.
I thank him for that and congratulate and I am sure that this event will only give him
an additional impulse for Wednesday and for all the matches until the end of the season.
Information that he signed a contract for ten years speaks how much the club takes care
of the players` future. They definitely solved a large part of issues with this contract, and
the club is the one which, to say conditionally, takes a risk because it is hard to predict
what will be happening in the future. The club did everything so that it can be seen it is
taking care of its players and that it is as powerful as possible in the period that is before
us- said Dinamo coach in the Blue salon.

Following the heads` speech, it was the triumphant`s turn to say something:

-I am happy because of this contract, this is my eighth year in the club and I am
pleased to stay in Dinamo and to spend time with the lads.

You signed for ten years, how long will you really stay?

-The club will decide when it will be time to leave, a long time will be until then because
I want to stay here and fulfill all the club`s desires and ambitions. Of course, to win the
championship and the cup, as well as to attempt to win a place in Europe , which is or final goal.

Can you imagine yourself spending your entire career in one club, like Ladic or Totti?

-This would please me but one can never know if I will stay here for ten years or
twenty, it does not matter, but I hope to end my career in Dinamo.

Inevitable topic is the forthcoming rematch of the cup semi-finals on Wednesday
in Split. What are your expectations?

-It will be hard for us before a crowded stadium, but if we scored goals in all matches
so far, we will score in Split as well. If we manage to do so, we will have made a great
step towards the cup finals.

In the past two encounters, Hajduk lost at Maksimir, can they play better at all?

-This will depend on us, how we will enter the match, if we let them, but it is
always difficult in Split , a lot of struggle in the pitch. But we can resist it.

Will Zoran Mamic be missed?

-Of course he will, as well as the injured players, but he have good players on the

Hajduk has a goal of backlog from the first match, they will have to move in offensively.

-They are surely chasing the score, but we will place ourselves right and wait for
our opportunity, but we will certainly not be defending ourselves because we cannot
do that. This will be a beautiful match, with a lot of goals, and I hope we will score
them all.

Who are the best Hajduk players in your opinion?

-At this moment, honestly, definitively Balic and Musa- Eduardo finished analysing Hajduk.

Dinamo will do another practice at Maksimir stadium on Tuesday and they are traveling
to Split at 14:30 hours. They will do a practice there at 10 hours on Wednesday at Poljud
stadium. Branko Ivankovic announced the performance of Hrvoje Cale and Ognjen
Vukojevic who are supposed to be completely ready until Wednesday.

Special thnanx to jero for Pointing Out The Story
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12 Responses to "Dudu: I want To Finish My Career In Dinamo"

I’m still not sure what to make of this.It’s obviously not about money cause he can earn that in 1or 2 games for a big side.So maybe it’s just the easiest option for him.Modric is on a 10 year contract as well. Who the hell signs 10 year contracts, especially when they’re international players and 2 of the best probably in Europe at the moment.There’s only one massive domestic game for them per season, maybe 2 if you count the other Zagreb side but it’s not exactly hitting the great heights playing away to a crowd of 5000 at Cibalia or Kamen Ingrad is it.Strange decision.

ma dudu je legenda, vjeran je dinamu ko pravi purger, i hvala onoj stvari kaj je ovaj tudum mamić presto igrat jer mi ga je pun k****

Good job Eduardo why is there need to leave?? stay 2 seasons in Dinamo together with Modric and Corluka and than you can leave to a bigger club but in those 2 season i expect Dinamo in the UEFA CUP

Maybe its for family reasons living in croatia with his wife!!
Or i think it might be he suits the style of play very well, he has scored heaps of goals so far this season and he thinks he can be a superstar in the croatian league!!
HAJDUK SPLIT is better though

He was saying that 2 months ago so I don’t know why it’s just come up now in the English press.He’s got no ties to Hajduk and he’d never go back to Croatia anyway so it’s a pointless story.The only way he’s going is up not backwards anymore.Hajduk either didn’t say this or they’re very stupid to think he’d go back.I think it’s the first one personally.He’ll be too big for portsmouth in 2 years time.

I have another theory on Eduardo but it’s a bit strange ,but I think he just
feels too connected to Zagreb to leave and maybe a bit too comfortable and it’s an easier option than having to move and fight his way into a big club.
Maybe he just can’t be bothered when he’s already a star and playing for the national team.I’m born on the same day as Eduardo and I’m the type of person that likes things to be very, very easy in life.I’m a bit lazy to be honest, maybe he’s the same?? I know I’m not driven by money either.I said it was strange but it might be that simple, his personality.I’ve had huge money offers to work overseas and I’m sitting here for peanuts because I can’t be assed moving.We’ll see what happens with him in a couple of years.

You from Australia jero??

I noticed you can vote for goal of the week in the premiership. Niko Kranjcars goal is one of five candidates.

sweet nick!! cool find…lets vote!!

No Maras, I’m living in New Zealand.Australia’s worst enemy.I lived in Croatia until I was 10 then came here.Been back a few times and have thought about a permanent move to Split but there’s no work.Being in New Zealand the draw with Aussie at the WC still haunts me.I’ve never watched that whole game yet and I never will, I dislike Australians like serbs.Not Croatian Aussies though, they’re great.Very patriotic.They are here too, lots of new Croatians have come into NZ in the last few years and made it a bit stronger after so many decided to support Yugoslavia when we went to war.I lost most of my friends who didn’t come over to the Croatian side.They have now but I don’t forgive that easily.Used to get in fights with them quite alot.I totally understand wanting to play for Croatia but it’s still strange when you were born in another country and played for their junior teams isn’t it?

#` playerrrrrrrrrrrra

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