Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia On Fire In Every Way

Posted on: April 3, 2007


There is allot of good news coming out of Croatia. Thats why I claim that Croatia is on fire, not just the Croatian national team but everything in Croatia…

Yep, thats right Croatia is on fire. Why you ask? Well, here it is. We beat almost every team we had to play in the qualifiers. We only tied against the Russians which in our second meeting will play in Croatia.

The other reason we are on fire is because, our players are doing a fenominal job.
From Niko Kranjcar to the Dinamo boys ( Eduardo, Modric, Corluka) and also Balaban,
Budan, Jerko Leko, Simunic are also doing a super job for their club teams.

So why is Croatia on fire? Well its kind of hard to explain but the success we had in sports
this year was amazing. Our National waterpolo team won the Freaggin World cup! Our Tennis players are doing a great job, and makin us all proud. We also have a handball team, they are also amazing. They didnt win the cup but they were very close. So gotta give sum credit to them too.

We also have a skier, I forgot her name..( I think Its Janica Kostelic ) Well she is one of the best skiers out there. She won some gold metals…Im not very familiar with sking, I dont really follow any sports other then soccer. But I look into it sometimes on the internet. As I have researched a little about Croatias performances in sports Im happy to announce Croatia is Fire!

By Denis S –

( Dear Fellow readers who Sent me Stories through e-mail your stories will be posted on this site soon. ) Thank you


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