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Ivan Rakitic Signs Croatian Flag

Posted on: April 6, 2007


FC Basle Star Ivan Rakitic has a tough decision in front of him. After the signing of the Croatian flag many croatians are jumping into conclusion that Ivan Rakitic will indeed play for Croatian side. But nothing is certain yet…What do you think??
Here is a video:


10 Responses to "Ivan Rakitic Signs Croatian Flag"

yeh i saw this vid
i think its interesting and i think he will play for croatia
when do you think they will put him on to play if he does choose??

I honestly dont know, he will be a sub for sure if he plays for Croatia. I already dislike this kid because he cant make up his mind. Giving me the impression that he is waiting to see who i better…

I think he is going to play for croatia because him an petric are good buddies and playing with each other with their club teams. I hope he joins croatia because he seems like a great player who can find the net.

did rakitic get those 2 goals i couldnt tell??

yep he scored both

I bet you won’t dislike him Denis if he does choose Croatia and scores those types of goals.He’s 17 or 18 isn’t he??so he must be under enormous pressure to play for Switzerland so it’s probably not as easy as you think to just choose Croatia.You can see he loves Croatia and his family and coaching staff will probably both be telling him different things.Looks a great prospect though and I’m sure Bilic will be trying very hard to get him but surely he couldn’t make the first team at that age?? More likely he’d be called into the U21 side and then be committed to Croatia anyway.I’d love to see him in our shirt.

as long as he is dedicated im fine with him. But if he cant make his mind up by next year i wouldnt want him on my team anymore. It wouldnt show his dedication to the croatian squad. Ladic called him up to a U-21 Match and Rakitic refused. I was deeply dissapointed with his decision, he gave me the impression that he is not interested to play for Croatia.

Like you say denis, if he is dedicated that’s fine but not choosing to play for the U21 side and then signing the flag is really strange.He will have to choose very soon cause their must be U21 qualifying for Switzerland in the near future? I think he’s still a couple of years off playing for a national side anyway.
Whose place would he take in our team?? By the way what did you think of Babic at left back in the Uefa cup? Looked ok going forward but his defence was a bit average I thought.I like genuine defenders when it comes to those positions, it’s such a crucial position.

I agree with denis here.. i mean why do u need to think about this for 2 years? yeah hes born there so what. He is Croatian, and u dont need to think about were to play, im born in australia (lol) yes i copped alot of shit anywais there is no thinking about were i would play its fuckin simple these idiots just want attention it seems sometimes but anywais this kid is all class hope he plays for us

i like babic, i didn’t watch his league games but i love when he plays in the outside midfield. He controls the ball beautifully and he assists many goals for the croatian national team.

Babic in defense to me is just a waste of talent. He is a world class midfielder. although he is a not a bad defender I prefer him to play offensive.

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