Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Ready For Cardiff!

Posted on: April 6, 2007


Croatian-Hungarian delegation overfilled with optimism travels to Cardiff where decision about the host of EURO 2012 will be announced

If it is to believe the project manager Zoran Cvrk, Croatian-Hungary candidacy is ready for presentation to the Executive board of UEFA in Cardiff. On the address of main European football federation more than 15 000 pages of materials has been delivered with all possible contracts, guarantees and everything that is required in order to Croatia and Hungary get the organization of EURO 2012. Our delegacy will present candidacy to UEFA and media on April, 17 around 3.30 p.m. The Executive board of UEFA will meet on April, 18 early in the morning, and around 10.30 p.m. they will made the decision.

Decision is made by 12 votes, at least 8 of them have to be present in order to achieve regular voting. In case there is no majority in the first circle, second circle will be entered and candidacies  having the least votes in the first round, will be eliminated. If majority is not achived even then, the president of UEFA Michel Platini will made the final decision. Our delegacy from Rusan street is expecting a lot from his decision.

In the plane for Cardiff except representatives of both associations also Croatian and Hungarian Prime Ministers, Davor Suker, Zvonimir Boban and Slaven Bilic will be. The ‘coach of all coaches’ Ciro Blazevic is invited as well.

U-21 championship in Croatia also?

If we get the organization of European Championship the association informs they will nominate and for the organization of U-21 championship of young representations, that will occur in the year 2011.

That should be dress rehearsal for senior EURO. Association will also try to get the finals of one of European cups, because renovated stadiums in Split and Maksimir will be classified in the highest, ‘elite’ category, the only one that meet the criteria of European finals.

Considering the national team next match is on June, 2d. That will be qualification match  against Estonia in Talinn.

After that the friendly meeting in Croatia against still unknown opponent will follow, and on August 22 and probably the match against Bosnia and Hercegovina. But, there is a possibilitiy of taking place and mini-tournament at the proposal of Lithuanian association. Participants would be Croatia, Lithuania, Belarus, and one stil unknown national team.

Published April 5th 2007
by Alan Eder –

They Are Also for it!

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7 Responses to "Ready For Cardiff!"

yea!!! Finaly its about time. I would love to see Croatia host Euro2008. I would Visit the beach!! Hang around with those nice tan ladies on the beach….it would be great!
The food is amazing! Who doesn’t love Cevapcici, and sarma honestly?

The weather is great! It would be one of the best Hosts ever!

Sarma is disgusting! :s

Italy will get the Euro 2008. If the Italian supporters would kill every officials, president or players they would still get it

Sarma je super! Moras staviti vegete da valja!!

Man I jope they get to host it and if they do I am booking my ticket that same day.

denis can u get croatia team pcitures ? new 1 vs macedoina

luke yea, i will give ya the links to em soon

I hope we get it to 🙂

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