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Mathew: Daddy wanted me to play for Croatia

Posted on: April 7, 2007


Spiranovic as we all know already made up his mind to play for the Australian national team. But his father told the press that he would of liked to see his son play for the Croatian national team instead.

Mathews father is a Croatian who moved to the land down under long time ago. And now he wants his son to play for the mother land of Croatia. But Mathew Spiranvic already decided long time ago that he wanted to play for Australia. It is sad when you see Croatians refuse to play for the National team, but Spiranovic didn’t fit the category of a Croatian player anyways. He doesn’t speak Croatian very well, not that it matters since Eduardo Da Silva came to Croatia when he was 16 from Brazil not speaking a word of the Croatian language. Mathew lacks the Croatian pride which wouldn’t allow him to play like other Croatians on the national team. The Croatian team is very team oriented and Mathew would have a hard time adapting to play for and with the Croats.

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19 Responses to "Mathew: Daddy wanted me to play for Croatia"


Spiranovic!? Who the hell is he! If he doesnt like to play for croatia then he is dumb as hell!

How much you wanna bet that he would of picked to play for Croatia if Australia didnt qualify for the World Cup…

I’m glad he chose to play for Australia. I wouldnt want him to play for croatia if he dosent feel croat and was pressured. I would take the oppertunity to play for croatia aswell but I guess he feels more Australian.

It’s quite a young age and all his friends are Australian and he made the same choice as guys who’ve actually played in Croatia like Viduka so it’s not a big suprise.And he’s probably never even set foot in Croatia.That said, Seric came over when he was the same age so I guess his heart is just not for Croatia like
you said Joze and we’re better off without him. I always loved Hrvatska but it wasn’t until I actually went back after the war and saw the passion for myself that I became a fanatical supporter.Now I would play for Croatia no question but at 18 and not having been there since a kid I might not have.

You cant blame the guy though…..If he ever returned to Australia everyone would look at him differently….
Some europeans in australia just feel more australain…….

lol this cunts a fuckin joke, fuck him i mean we do need defenders.. but its all about a chance and experience.. some1 always pops up but yer we need a few atheltic ones not slobs like (simunic) 🙂

hello i will now resume updating the site. I took a day of on Easter Sunday. 🙂

Mathew is also a flaming homosexual, which is another good reason for him not to play with us.

Kranjcar will be sleeping well knowing his virginal ass with remain intact. lol

Hi guys…i can’t believe you guys can comment about the Australian team the way you are. I was born in Australia and both my parents were born in Croatia. I have alot of respect for the Croatian team, however, Australia will always be the team i support. They have a strong future and that is obvious with such players of Croatian heritage, such as Viduka and Skoko. These boys grew up in Australia and i commend them for their choice of playing with the Australian team. If you were all so dedicated to Croatia then you wouldn’t be living in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and America. These countries are the ones who have given you a future…if Croatia was so good then you’d all still be living there. Matt has made the right choice…i hope his career is full of success…and i hope you guys can respect him as a player who is talented, instead of judging him because he has chosen the country of his birth, rather than the country of birth of his parents! I can see where you guys are coming from but you have to see it from his perspective…

In some regards i agree with Trish. But how are viduka and skoko a future? their old and have had their day!

First off, i’m not Australian, American or New Zealander. Trish, I have no qualms with what you said, its his choice as to whom he decides to play for. Its only sad that he doesn’t want to play for the country of his parents birth, this country has had a long difficult history(just look at the shape of the country) and soccer seems to be a means by which Croats unite and show the world their passion and spirit which created the nation we call Hrvatska today. If we didn’t stick together and fight for this land, religion, culture and language of our ancestors we would still be stuck within Yugoslavia and the hardships within that sphere of a Serb dominated Yugoslavia would of continued. Today the Australians team is more or less void of any Croats, their last international game against China, only Culina and Viduka were called up. And Viduka’s international playing career is almost over. They have a few goalies in Covic, Petrovic and Vukovic who are also part of the national team program(but none were called up for the China encounter) , and a young forward in Dario Vidosic who is playing in their Olympic program. They always will have a choice to play for Croatia if they like, because that is where there ancestors come from. They should consider that choice because their last name reflects our peoples history and struggle.

tomemilin you are 100 percent right!

I hope the HNS can lure Rakitic to represent Croatia. He’s an extraordinary talent. …I mean, with all due respect to the Swiss ….they aren’t exactly a culture in unison. There’s no official national language and the citizens even admit that Switzerland doesn’t exist….it’s just a “bunch of people who at one time or another converged there”. I mean, if national pride is at stake, this should be a no-brainer for Ivan…he did say that his heart beats for Croatia. So i dunno vat da fakk is taking so long for him to decide……

Tomemilin i see where you’re coming from, but i just think that in his position he should play for Australia. If his father was a professional football player then his father should without a doubt play for Croatia. But Matt was born here and if i were in his shoes i would do the same thing. It’s not his problem that Croatia has had a hard and difficut history. He’s playing for his country, which he has a strong passion for. I admire Covic and Petrovic for sticking with the Australian team even when they are not regulars on the pitch. The Croatian supporters may think that it is their duty to play for Australia but the player’s choice is obviously what counts and they feel that they want to honour the land that has given them so many opportunities. Half these boys were trained at the Australian Institute of Sport, which is taxpayer funded. Unlike Simunic, they have decided to honour Australia and i think they’re doing a great job…Croatia has so much talent in it’s own country and it’s up to the young boys who are coming through the Croatian system to honour and be proud of playing in the checked shirt and do their best…

Spiranovic and Simunic are two totally different stories. All simunic cared about when he was younger was Croatia…he had no time for the Australian team.Spiranovic said he didnt even need to think about it…he was playing for australia from the beggining no questions about it. Trish is making a good point and tomemilin is making a good one aswell. I think that neither simunic or spiranovic were wrong in what team they chose to play for because they both grew up dreaming of two totally different countries. Like I said before it comes down to what you think you are. It is wrong if people call Simunic a traitor and it is wrong to call Spiranovic an idiot for not choosing Croatia.

Like i said before i have no beefs with him choosing to play for Australia, hes an adult and hes made an adult decision. The only thing that Trish, you may fail to realize, is that their probably would be no Matthew Spiranovic if Croatia hadn’t been strong enough and fought hard enough to preserve itself in Europe. And his fathers father and his great grandfather etc… hadn’t endured and survived over the centuries. Today I suspect he still has family in Croatia or Europe, and as of right he is playing and living in Europe. So even though Croatia’s history didn’t affect him directly, it affected and still affects his relatives in Europe. Because he is a byproduct of past and present generations, wherever they may live. Having chosen to play football in Europe he now is now in closer contact with that history and family.

Trish the only reason covic and petkovic didnt go overseas to croatia is cauz they werent good enough. Seric, lets be honest, never really played the only quality player croatia has pinched is simunic. NOT TO MENTION IT WAS TERRY VENABLES AS AUSSIE COACH WHO LET HIM GO BY PLAYING ALEX FARKING TOBIN INSTEAD OF HIM AGAINST IRAN. Aussie soccer is up to shit. I live in aus and i admit it. soccer has been nowhere for ages. The last quality aussie coming out of here was the dukes. Since then weve had half decent 2nd teir club players like cahill at everton and bresciano at palermo. Not to mention we made the world cup and were classified croatia#2. In all seriousness but, the bloke doesnt have the guts to play for croatia so bugger him we got petric eduardo and klasnic(when he comes back), Not to mention in defence all u need is corluka and your set

Don’t start the argument as to whether they are croatian or aussie cos thats gonna b annoying!
BTW MATE when is Klasnic going to come back to the Croatian squad?

And just an idea for the website Denis:
You should put a photo gallery up for all the pictures for the Euro 2008 qualifying and friendlies.
keep up the good work with the site btw

thanx, i will try to make a picture gallery section

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