Croatias Road To FIFA 2010


Posted on: April 9, 2007


CROATIA’S Niko Kranjcar has heaped more pressure on Steve McClaren by predicting England’s only hope of qualifying for the Euro 2008 finals is to sneak into second place in Group E. 

Kranjcar is convinced Croatia will top the group and England will be left to battle it out with Russia for the other qualifying place.

The 22-year-old midfielder has been a key figure for Croatia, even though he has struggled to hold down a regular first-team place at Portsmouth since a £3.5million move from Hajduk Split.

And he reckons Croatia will not have to bother about winning their final qualifier against England at Wembley, as they will be home and dry by then.

He said: “We don’t fear England. We have our future in our own hands and don’t have to fear any team. It’s the chemistry among the players that makes a good national team and that is what we have.

“I always felt we would qualify from this group because we are the best team.

“We feel we are 90 per cent there. We are definitely favourites to win the group, so it will be up to Russia and England to battle it out for the other place.”

By Peter White – DailyExpress



4 Responses to "CROATIA TAUNTING"

It’s nice to see some confidence in the team, no doubt, but lets not go on a tauting spree. We are not home free just yet, and it’s best if we don’t get cocky.

Bilic should give them the kajis and the siba if they start getting full of themselves. lol

bilic should let othe rplayes play vs sucker countries

too see whos good!

How many more wins do u reckon we need 2 qualify?
i think 4 or 5 maybe

someone has to say that so the press will stop wondering about what happened to England that its not on number one, and start checking on what is going on to the team that is indeed in number one.

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