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Lets Talk About Croatia vs Estonia!

Posted on: April 11, 2007


Croatia vs Estonia is a topic probably to early to talk about. The game is set to be played
June 2nd 2007 in Maksimir Zagreb.

First things first though. Croatia is the top team in group E we are the favorites to qualify in this group.Estonia on the other had is second last with 0 points only beating Andorra with the goal diffrences.

Croatia is supposed to beat this team very comfortably. The mission for this match will be to score as many goalsas possible just like we did against Andorra. This game should also be a game that will rais Croatias scoring confidence.The Estonians will try everything in their power to win but Croatia should be able to easly get passed this team with many

How many Goals is Croatia going to score?
Well its hard to tell people how many goals Croatia will score. But as always I will
try to predict the score. I think Croatia will beat Estonia 6 – 0!

( Please Comment and Tell Us What you think the score will be.)

The Players

Croatia obviously has better players then Estonia. But which players are the once Croatia should look out for?Well, Croatia will not know. Estonia is a team that nmany people dont know. Most players are not in big clubs so recognizing them is almost immposible. As always Slaven Bilic will go through tapes of Estonia and set
up a great strategy for us.

Who should Estonia look out for? The answer is simple “everyone!” The reason why is, because Croatia plays as a unit, they play together as a team. That means that all Vroatians do well when everyone is trying a 100 percent. Picking out a player to
watch is really hard. Petric is good. Eduardo is good. Modric……to be able to beat a team like Croatia the opponent has to be able to mess with every Croatian player and take down any chances by playing very hard

Will Croatia vs Estonia be a walk through the park?

To be honest, and I’m not dissing Estonia, but I truly think that Croatia will win this match easily. Especially when Croatia plays at home,
there is no stopping them. But then you have to accept the fact that any team can beat anyone, any time. That is why Croatia also has to be carefully
not to underestimate the teams, and lose a game.

( Tell us what you think about this game, is there a chance that Estonia could beat us?
Is Croatia going to score more then 10 goals? What do you think? Lets us know by
commenting )

April 11th 2007
Denis S –



14 Responses to "Lets Talk About Croatia vs Estonia!"

It won’t be a walk in the park…..the Estonians have proven time and time again in the past that they can be a very frustrating opponent for prominent teams like Portugal (0-1) , Russia (0-2) Netherlands etc. And remember early 2004 I think it was when we drew against them in Rijeka 0-0 and . Okay, admittedly they are far and away an inferior side on paper, and they haven’t been in form as of late, but all things considered they are no Andorra, that’s for sure. I’m hesitant to put a stamper on the result, but if I was going to go with a scoreline I’d probably have Croatia winning by a small margin, maybe 2-0…..Additionaly, I hear the pitch in Tallin is pure shyte, so that could play a factor as well. Don’t forget Poom , who is getting on in years but is definately a talent nontheless. Can’t wait for this one….

I think croatia will win 1-0. Estonia at home aren’t the easiest team to beat, and i think a 1-0 win maybe 2-0 max is possible. I’d like to think that we can win this match by more but i don’t think it will be as easy as it seems. Estonia only lost 1-0, 1-0 and 2-0 at home to israel , maco and russia. i think we will do the same hopefully. a win of any sort is good enough. If we can get 6 points out of estonia and russia then we are very close to making it to euro2008. I think these next 2 games are going to be a real hard test, and it won’t suprise me if we get 4points out of the 2games. but 6points is possible.

Hvala bogu sto se ne igra u Splitu protiv Rusije. Pogledaj statistiku …..u 8 utakmica u Splitu do sada, Hrvatska je odigrala neodlucno 6 puta i porazana je 2 puta. Je se sjecate onaj gol koji smo primili protiv Danske u “97 ….kada je val vjetra poslao loptu iza Ladicevih ledja….kakva nesreca.

Hopefully we don’t get cocky, and mess it up like idiots.


ne bude bilo 7-0, that’s certain. We’ve always had difficulty scoring against teams like Estonia , Lithuania (0-0) & Latvia (1-0) away from home. It’s like Boban said back in the day, “kada se oni zatvoriju u misju rupu jako tesko je doci do gola”. The fact of the matter is they’re not interested in a conventional attack, they’ll play one man up front and try to squeak one in via a counter.

4-0 for Croatia

2x Petric 😉
1x Dudu 🙂
1x Modric 😛

Bilic call Rakitic for this match now!!!

i think he will play for Switzerland 😥 Petric said in jutarnji that Rakitic was happy when Kuhn gafe him a invitation to play for Switzerland. We can’t aford to lose such a talented player

fuck u gaoots its goign 50000000- 0 mothercvukers

lol my internet was gone for a day so i couldnt update the site, but im back!


I hope against Estonia they don’t start the standard squad. I hope they give a chance to players like Dario Knežević, Danijel Pranjić, Goran Sablić, Jerko Leko, Igor Budan and Ivica Olić and Hrvoje Vejic. I would like to see how the second group of players performs on the pitch. Sprinkle in a few regulars though, like Babic, Kranjcar and Corluka and see what you get. It would be an excellent experience for this group of players, getting a taste of Euro Qualifying. It would really unite the squad and have the entire teamed pumped for the upcoming game against Russia.

I think Croatia will win against Esntoina, we will probely have like 9 goals =D

“Torcida (16:20:45) : Hopefully we don’t get cocky, and mess it up like idiots.”

i agree
this kind of overconfidence has screwed us over in the past :s

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