Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

How Close Is Croatia to Host Euro 2012

Posted on: April 14, 2007


April 18th will be the decision day! That day Croatia and Hungry will find out if they will
host Euro2012.

The race to host Euro2012 is very close. Italy still has a good chance of taking this tournament away from the Croatians and Hungarians.

Croatia said if they dont get to host Euro2012 they will give up trying because the next opportunity will be in 2030, one of the Croatian represenattives said that they have worked too hard to fail. Wanting to start another bid for 2016 is very unlikely. Many Croatia are working hard, they really want to host the euro cup but only time will tell if they will indeed get to host their first ever majore soccer tournament.

This race is very close no one could predict what will happen. All candidates so far have the same chances. Italy a month ago had huge problem in their country when a huge riot took place in a leage match wich killed two police officers. This is the only thing that could set back the Italians from hosting the Euro 2012. Platini the FIFA president is currently supporting Croatia, hopefully he will help us out allot, and give us the chance to host one of the most beautiful events in the World.



5 Responses to "How Close Is Croatia to Host Euro 2012"

I really hope we get it!!
Is this why they delayed the bosnian game?incase of crowd violence

true that fagoots but croatia not wiinning it no $$$$$$

Hey u have some cute kids!!!
And I really like the mascots (is the word right?), it is really smart, everyone loves dogs…

And Italy not winning will be a great reply on the supporters violence, since there were domestic episodes (Catania one) AND Uefa-related episodes (Man Utd x Roma ones)… Tara Reid said Adriatic east coast is the most beautiful anyway…

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