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Niko Only Played Two Minutes Against Newcastle!?

Posted on: April 14, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen what in the world is going on. I was watching Portsmouth vs Newcastle United, and what I saw shocked me! Niko Kranjcar was put on the field in the 90th minute! He only played for two disappointing very short minutes!

Niko Kranjcar is being praised by Redknapp how he loves the way Niko Kranjcar plays, and still at the end of the day he gives him very little playing time. And he also said that Niko Kranjcar will not go anywhere from Portsmouth.

I personally now hate the Portsmouth coach. He disappointed me deeply. If you think Niko Kranjcar is not england material then just say so. There is no reason to sugar coat, or praise how amazing of a player he is.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone when I say this. But I think that Niko Kranjcar should get out of Portsmouth, that team is just messing around with his reputation and confidence. I say send Niko to Spain where his skills will be valued allot more then in england.

Christiano Ronaldo just shows how important a dribbler on a team is. Its not always speed and agility but its control and patience.

I’m eager to see what Harry Redknapp will do with Kranjcar. Hopefully he does the right thing, and puts this young lad on the field. They may have of won the game against Newcastle United 2-1. But I could almost assure you if Crunchy ( Kranjcar ) was on the field allot more goals would have been scored by Portsmouth.

April 14th 2007
by Denis S


9 Responses to "Niko Only Played Two Minutes Against Newcastle!?"

Since he scored his first amazing goal he has been getting less game time than before he scored it. I really hope he leaves.

niko needs to get out of there..i thought for sure after he scored his first goal he would get at leat a few games with the first team..instead he is seeing less and less time..i think harry is full of crap with his praise..niko has already spoke about how he is displeased with his lack of playing time..i think niko will leave in the summer..the best place he can go is italy were the pace is much slower..

Everyone’s baba knows Kranjcar lacks pace and the English game doesn’t suit him well, as it relishes it’s trademark running & gunning type of style. It’s his own fault, he chose England while he had other offers on the table ….It wouldn’t have hurt playing a couple’ years in France with Rennes and then moving to a more prominent club in Italy or Spain ……just my two cents.

Im a CROAT and i know he is good but i dont know why the fck the coach doesnt want to put him on i think he is a racist

First, he didn’t choose Pompey- Hajduk sold him (down the river, some would say) to the highest bidder- he had no say in the matter. Second, if after a year in the EPL and he’s not starting , its not going to happen. There can be no talk about him “adjusting” anymore. I guarantee he will be gone before the end of summer…

Do you guys know anything about Srna moving this summer?
He apparently had some clubs after him last transfer period.

Joze – his not moving anywhere. He is staying at his club. They paid him mighty fine I heard. He said it was an offer he couldnt refuse…

That really sucks! I know the money must be tempting but I think he’ll end up being a waste of talent. He’s playing so well for Croatia and he can shoot a mighty free kick. I wish he’d just leave donetsk and go play in a big league :[

Yes, since the world press keep on searching the excuses on why England is not first on its group for Euro instead of really watching the games, croat players have the duty on showing what they got. I say bigger leagues, big clubs.

The problem about Portsmouth is that coach, the man got no vision. He uses Niko OR Matt Taylor, which is a strong player; can you see the obvious man? They complement each other!!!! Niko in the middle, Matt of the left, that Sean Davis on the right, and two fowarders!!! They have Sol Campbell as defender, they would do fine if they get to attack some of these days!!

*i’d do, for sure*

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