Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Euro2012: Italians are Favorites to win

Posted on: April 17, 2007


It is very sad to say but Croatia seems like they will not get to Host Euro 2012.
Italy right now seems to be the favorite, and to beat Italy Croatia and Hungry will
need a miracle.

Why is Croatia now so far away from Winning Euro2012 you ask? Well it is
quite simple. ” The Russians ” You see it will be the Russians turn to vote and
everyone knows that Russia will vote for Italy. The reason why is because
Russia has to to return a favor to Italy because Italy voted for them…

It not a  complex procedure but thats how it really works out there with UEFA.
If I vote for Germany to host FIFA 2016, then we make an agreement for
them to Vote for us in 2020. And thats what happened to Italy and Russia.
So when the Russians vote for the Italians, our dream of hosting the Euro
cup will be over.

The only thing we can really do is pray,and hope. Keep the pride up and
running and we just might get a chance to Host Euro2012. Lets hope for a



3 Responses to "Euro2012: Italians are Favorites to win"

wtf croatia not


Fuck this suck so much. Those russians better vote for our asses and if they dont they will make a big mistake bc then croatia will fucking dominate them in our Euro cup qualifying game and then they will see what they got themselves into. Man I hope we win!

me too, right now its the 18th and im waiting to hear who won….

I really hope we do win!!

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