Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Ukraine and Poland get To Host Euro 2012

Posted on: April 18, 2007



This stinks! Croatia and Italy were supposed to be favorites and at the end Ukraine and Poland get to host Euro 2012. This is really disappointing…..


11 Responses to "Ukraine and Poland get To Host Euro 2012"

You didn’t spelled Ukraine wrong :S

but i’m glad that Italy didn’t won because they didn’t deserved it but i’m sad offcourse that we didn’t won

Why would they give it to poland and ukraine?
I’m angry aswell…..this would have been great for our football

I understand your anger and disappointment, but… I think Poland together with Ukraine can organize a great championship.

Best greetings from Poland!

I’m glad Italy didn’t get it – they don’t deserve to host it after all of the recent problems there – but do Poland/Ukraine have enough stadiums that are up to a certain standard and big enough? Maybe they do, I don’t know – but I heard various people involved in the Poland bid on the radio admitting that they don’t have adequate motorways/hotels/flights/stadiums.
I’m English, but I like the way Croatia are playing under Bilic and wanted Croatia to get Euro 2012.

We didn’t even get 1 vote…..

Shit this really sucks. Why the hell would Poland and Ukrain Get to host Euro 2012. Croatia is a better soccer team then they are. this sucks.

This really breaks my heart…. why would Poland and Ukraine get Euro 2012?? Well, if you look at it analiticaly , it’s always been about money….So just in comparison to Croatia/Hungary and even Italy , they have the most citizens…which ultimately means more revenue for Uefa I think .

Its sad we didn’t get it ,but I’m okay with the Pols and Ukraines getting the EUROS in 2012. The italians just didn’t deserve it this time. Whats your reasoning behind Austria and Switzerland landing the 2008 Euro Championships? It can’t be only because of the number of citizens they have! They have as many citizens as Croatia and Hungary do. I suspect it was time to look further East and help rebuild and unite the entire continent of Europe, and football seems to be a means by which that can be done. It helps that these two countries have large poulations(which should help fill UEFA’s coffers),Poland has already broken ground on a couple of their stadiums and Ukraine have some rich businessmen with deep pockets. I know in Hungary they weren’t in favour of spending this much money on the continents football championships and they protested heavily when the members of UEFA came to visit. I think that Croatia won’t bid on the next championships(both Italy and Spain are expected to bid for those 20016 EUROS), but i think that ultimately Croatia should join in a bid with Bosnia and maybe even Slovenia and take another shot at the EUROS with them. Because I know it wasn’t successful the first time they proposed a bid together but maybe in 8 or 9 nine years time, it will be their turn. That joint bid just seems more logical to me then the the Croatia Hungary bid. Especially since Croats are soccer mad and Bosnia has a fairly large Croat population.

This theory on getting farther east to embrace all Europe is interesting… but still sucks. BC Ukraine and Poland seems to have a lot of work to do in order to get fit for a huge event like Euro.

Hope it works anyway… probably this was made to compensate them for all the dark stuff they have on their history like the nazis and the radiation…

Blah blah blah what I mean is I want a plush dalmatian puppy…

Man u ARE pissed off!!!!

WTF not on fucking vote thats such bs. Now no new stadiums for croatia and and economy improvement thats you basterd uefa dicks picking poland and ukrain fucking hell honestly poland and ukraine yah lets go to poland and get our stuff stolen then sold after fucking ripoff.

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