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Corluka Scored His First Goal For Dinamo

Posted on: April 19, 2007


Vedran Corluka one of Croatia most popular Defenders is on fire. He is truely a talent. He scored his first goal for Dinamo against Cibilia…

Corluka is a young lad with a bright future in front of him. There is many rumors that Vedran Corluka will join FC Barcelona and that real madrid will watch Eduardo closely until his Contract is finished with Dinamo.

The thing people love about Vedran is his confidense. He is a very calm, and and doesnt worry about a thing. His words are simple and clear, ” If we play hard enough we will win.” He makes so much sense when he talks, it easy to see why he is a great player. He posses a mentality that many player dont have.


DINAMO – CIBALIA 4-0 (4-0)

DINAMO: Lončarić 6.5, Ćorluka 7.5, Drpić 6.5, Schildenfeld 6.5, Carlos 7, Vukojević 6.5, Pokrivač 6,
Sammir 6.5 (od 76. Mikić -), Modrić 7, Edurardo 7.5 (od 66. Jertec -), Tadić 6 (od 82. Pandev -)

CIBALIA: Burcsa 5, Leutar 5, Studenović 5, Tadić 5 (od 46. Pavličić 5.5), Andričević 5, Radotić 5,
Bilen 5.5, Maroslavac 5, Bagarić 5, Jukan 5 (od 81. Baraban -), Zekić 5 (od 46. Kresinger 5.5)

REFFS: Ante Vučemilović (Osijek) 6,5; pomoćnici: Šetka (Đakovo) i Borovec (Višnjevac)

STRIJELCI: 1-0 Eduardo (6), 2-0 Carlos (28), 3-0 Eduardo (36., as: Ćorluka), 4-0 Ćorluka
(40., as: Vukojević).

YELLOW CARDS: Bilen (Cibalia)

MAN OF THE MATCH: Eduardo da Silva

STADION: Maksimir GLEDATELJA: 2.500.



2 Responses to "Corluka Scored His First Goal For Dinamo"

When does his contract run out?
real madrid and barcelonaa!!! how good is that!

I love Corluka. I think he has a lot of potential. Awesome!

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