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Slaven Bilic: Rakitic Has 20 Days To Decide

Posted on: April 21, 2007


Slaven Bilic Called Rakitic to the Croatian Squad. He is giving him only 20 days to decideif he wants to play for Croatia…

If he does not Decide by then Bilic will not call him on to the squad. Rakitic is a young player he has a hard time deciding who he wants to play for. After signing the Croatian Flag many Croatians now belive he will play for the Croats. Mladen Petric is a very good friend of Rakitic and hopes he decides to play for Croatia.

Bilic said ” The reason I called him up to join the Croatian squad is because he is a really talented player. I just wanted to make sure the future of Croatia soccer keeps staying strong. Plus he would be a great asset to Croatian soccer. ”

Bilic also announced that if Ivan Rakitic indeed does join the Croatian squad he would not start right away. Eduardo and Petric are the starters and playing time for Rakitic will be hard to find. Croatia has one of the Best Forwards in the world right now,maybe not the best…but rather the most consistant in the world.

Eduardo Da Silva
Mladen Petric
Ante Rukavina
Igor Budan
Ivica Olic
Bosko Balaban

If Rakitic joins he will be up there too. It will be hard for him to find playing time. But Bilic isnt worried about him. He is a very good player, and its just a matter of time before he will become a starter for Croatia if he joins the squad.

The only reason Bilic wants Rakitic is to take care of the future of Croatian soccer. Plus he sais he is tired of the people talking about this issue. So he is giving him 20 days to decide if he wants to play for Croatia. It will be interesting to see what Rakitic will say and decide…

April 20th 2007
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11 Responses to "Slaven Bilic: Rakitic Has 20 Days To Decide"

I really really hope he chooses Croatia. I wouldnt take this long to decide if i were in his position but he would be a great asset to our team!

It would be nice to see him wearing our checkered unifrom. he is a great young talent. I hope he pick Croatia!

I don’t know. I just don’t know……prob not…..but maybe…..who knows….

prob not though…….

i fricken hope sooo much he does though.

Za Dom.

If he wants to fight to get to the top and get a hard earned spot. He should join our team. It’s going to be hard to compete, BUT.. it will be worthwile in the end.

The Swiss team, they’re going to give him a top spot without a doubt, because he is much better than most players on their NT.

lol he better join the Croatian squad after this much attention from us…

naw it sucks it would play bc $$$$$

I wonder when our next friendly will be?
I really badly want croatia to have a match against australia again…I think that would be a great friendly and australia play a lot of home matches in London so its not too far to travel!
But i doubt it would happen……

Affter all i think he will choose Switzerland. Because Croatia always loses extremely talented players look at Ibrahimovic and Viduka same thing will happen with Rakitic

Viduka wanted to play for us at first, in 98 that is when he was first going to be ‘called up’, but he wanted to be a starter instead of Davor Suker.

The rest of the story is what we could call, history. 🙂

No. Viduka went to play for croatia…got caught up in the wrong crowd(tudjman and mafia) and came running back to australia…

i hope to god we get him.. hes scoring out of his asss didnt he score 2 a few days ago? i hope to see the goals, and also petric hasnt scored in about 6 matches.. abit of a worry but im sure hel be back on the score sheet soon 🙂

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