Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Rakitic: “No” to Croatia – “No” for the swiss?

Posted on: April 25, 2007


I don’t know what is wrong with this kid. He is really starting to piss me off. Just pick a team you like, its not that difficult. If you like the Swiss go there. Lets just get this story over with…

The thing I dont understand is how a person does not know where he wants to play. The whole point of soccer is playing for a your country.

Rakitic, Im not stupid I know deep down inside you know who you wanna play for. But you probably have many good swiss friends and you dont want to dissapoint them. What I recommend you do is think about who your friends would play for if you would join the Croatian squad. Would they follow you or would they stay and play for the swiss. Obviously they would play for their own countrys. So you see if they were in a situation like this they would choose to play for their own country without even thinking.

If you conider yourself a Croatian then pick Croatia. If you don’t then play for the swiss. Its quite a simple procedure. If you already know who you want to play but dont want to play internation soccer then just tell the media you want to keep playing leage soccer for a couple more years….


17 Responses to "Rakitic: “No” to Croatia – “No” for the swiss?"

fuck this fagoot looks like 1

lol @ Luke

this guys so annoying

and im still trying to figure out why its such a hard decision

Guys, he’s already picked the red,white and blue, but he’s delaying his decision because he doesn’t want to seem like a bad egg or a desserter to the Swiss because after all, they’re almost exclusively responsible for raising this kid football-wise and he plays for Basel. So as not to piss off his loyal fans he’s making it seem like the decision is a tough one for him.

Hey Denis, is there a specific reason why you chose a picture of him looking like a retard? Subliminal message?


yo there other talent in croatia !!!!!!!!

Torcida….lol no thats the one i saw at

He certainly won’t get the same feeling playing for Switzerland than he would playing for one of the most passionate teams in the world where he would be worshipped by the fans.Not a tough choice when it comes to picking the best side either, but like you say he would have alot of guys telling him to play for the swiss so he has to be under pressure and it’s the biggest decision of his career and he’s far too young to understand what it all means anyway.
He’ll feel far less pressure choosing Switzerland if he also lives there and plays there but he’ll also be certain to play for them and not for us.He’d have to be very special to get a start for us up front.What is his true position, striker or midfielder??

i think his is a midfielder…

i mean striker….

lol hes a midfielder man… he better pick croatia or i will be 1 very pissed off man!

How good will it be next year at the euro if this guy chooses croatia!
Our defence is looked after with simunic,kovac,simic and corluka all playing. But have a look at our forwards and midfielders! Niko Kranjcar, Luka Modric, Darijo Srna are just going to keep getting better and then we have rapaic and kovac who are both very reliable. Then in the forwards there is Petric, Da Silva, Balaban, Olic, Budan, Klasnic. And then possibly Rakitic in midfield/forward. With our results so far and such a confident team and coach this is starting to look like an amazing team and if we keep going the way we are the euro might just be ours!!

Hes not swiss hes croatian anyway, check out his last name!! if it ends with ic(h) hes croatian haha

could be from bosnia, croatia, serbia, slovenia, montenegro…but i do agree that if u r of cro background ur cro whether u like it or not!

but yeah hes cro

Totally different subject but KRANJCAR scored against liverpool, so happy even though i go for liverpool hahaha! Came on for the injured taylr and scored in the first half.

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