Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

All Goals Under Slaven Bilic’s Command-VIDEO

Posted on: May 3, 2007

Here is a cool video showing all the games and goals Croatia won with Slaven Bilic in Command. As we all know we still did not lose with Slaven Bilic. Our Worst Performance was against Russia and we only tied that game…every other game we won… We started by Beating World Cup Champs Italy…


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8 Responses to "All Goals Under Slaven Bilic’s Command-VIDEO"

yo denis can u tell cro websit eto it better N NEW PICTURE S CRO TEAM THIS YERA TEMA PIC ETC PLZ!!

croatia to win euro 2008 doubt it they nevr got pss 1st gorund still 98 comeon plzzzzzzzz

I believe thay can win it if they maybe step it up a another level. This is the best team we have had in ages and the spirit, the attitude nd the talent is supurb! SRNA SCORED 2 GREAT GOALS ON THE WEEKEND AND 1 ALSO YESTERDAY HERE R THE 2 ON THE WEEKEND ENJOY :p

Hey Steve, would you like to run this blog for a while? Im running and its getting perrty hard too keep up. If you are interested let me know..

croatia should get new jerseys design

new color??

white n red like 98 jersey for home

away blue sick design

3rd color!!!???????

yeh they should
they normally get a new one before a major tournament
so maybe late this year or early next year
i think they should keep a lot of checkers but make it look cool

woahh you guys re crazy! How can you want a new jersey when we are killing teams with the jerseys we have now!

You dont want to jinx the team with new jerseys..Plus I think the blue Croatian looks mighty fine!

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