Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia vs Estonia – Who will win?

Posted on: May 15, 2007


I don’t think this is a very hard question to answer. After great performances by Croatia they will most likely beat Estonia with ease. What I’m more concerned about is the game against Russia…

Russia is a good team, but we still should be able to beat them. We had two key players missing for that particular match.

Croatia will play Estonia June 2nd 2007 in Estonia. This will be a great opportunity for Croatia to gain confidence against Russia, hopefully Croatia will be able to score many goals. I guess the Croatian fans would be happy with 4 – 0 win.

Im not very familiar with Estonia’s team so I don’t know who their key players is and who Croatia should look out for. But what I do know is that Croatia will try hard as always to try and get a point.

We will find out very soon who will be the match winner for this qualifier. Dont forget to join us here at for Live Chat Commentary, Live Video Stream of the game and perhaps radio if you don’t have the channel to watch Croatia play live.

See Ya June 2nd 2007!


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6 Responses to "Croatia vs Estonia – Who will win?"


croatia! duhhhh

Yeh Croatia
2 for petric and one for kranjcar

croatia 3-1 i says

yo when willl croatia make new jerseys ? nike still when be the maker?

adidas on your site wtf nike??

da silva

back up-balaban

croatia should look for others players in the croatia league try them about croatia b team any there?

I don’t like Babic at left back Igor.That’s a specialist position and he’s looked very ordinary when I’ve seen him play there to be honest.His defensive qualities are not even close to his attacking skills.And Balaban’s days are over for me too.I would concentrate on getting Budan and Rukavina up to international class now.Maybe even Josip Tadic.Balaban has had his time and failed to impress far too often.I think this match will be tougher than some of you expect.Thay have been quite hard to break down and only give in later in their games.They haven’t been destroyed by anyone yet so maybe a 2 goal win would be really good here, they are certainly no walkovers.In the past it is these games that have come to haunt us, the so called easy beats of the group.Of course this Croatia side is the best for a while so I expect to win but not by much.

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