Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Look At The Cool Mask Petric Has For His Cheek Injury

Posted on: May 15, 2007


Here is a picture of Mladen Petrics Mask, it looks way cooler then any other mask you ever saw a player wear on a field.

What do you think about his bad luck lately with injury’s, and do you think he will still be able to provide lots of goals for the Croatian national team?


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8 Responses to "Look At The Cool Mask Petric Has For His Cheek Injury"

thats a cool mask! they should make those into products us people can buy, like jerseys. I wonder if hes gonna sell it on ebay…

ill be in ur chat if u wanna talk.

He’s a superhero lol

Here’s another picture of it

yea that mask is pretty kool it makes him look more intimidating with it on lol.

croatia4life – the chat sessions begins on game day. Thats when i will commentate as the game goes on. I will also try to find free live video feed of the game. And radio feeds…

lol Torcida thats an awesome picture!!

this makes me proud yo be croatian


lol petric and his superhero mask always proud to be a croat but hopefully we recovers well and he will be good to play in june against estonia and russia PETRIC!

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