Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia vs Estonia Predictions…

Posted on: May 23, 2007

Hi, yes…sorry I have not updated this blog in while….
Well lets get to it, shall we?

I predict that Croatia will win this match with ease…4-0
First Half
Eduardo Da Silva will score 2
Second Half
Pertic Will Score 1
And Luka Modric Will Score 1

What do you predict will happen…and dont give me the I dont do predictions bull shit!


30 Responses to "Croatia vs Estonia Predictions…"

croatia 3-0 da silva 2 1 petric

You guys are setting yourselfs up for a big fall with all these big score predictions.I would happily take a 2 goal win away from home against a reasonable side who haven’t conceded many goals although they haven’t won.Russia struggled to break them down.And Petric might not play which means Balaban could, so that’s a minus for us immediately.I think we should win but it won’t be easy, I hope I’m wrong and we destroy them of course.

we will destroy!!!

drpic is a faggot
bilic dont call him on the team no gay asses

what was croatia think 4-3 intet ewwwwwwwwwww

fucken blilic almost lost to a 2 league

i dont that is ewwwwwwwwww

i wish with this esiona n russia beats croatia

denis u r a slow in theses up dates to slow
i go on this everday day more info lieki go 3 times n same shit put pics n shit u fagoot!

I predict a 2-0 score line and a boring and dull 2nd half with Croatia conserving their 3 points on the road and saving the rest for Russia in Maksimir.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the score line being 4-3 to a 2nd division Croatian team. It was mainly a warm up and fitness test game. Here was Croatia’s line up:

Skender, Kovač Robert, Boris Živković, Marko Babić, Ahmad Sharbini, Danijel Pranjić, Jurica Vranješ, Ivic Olić, Niko Kranjčar, Anthony Šerić.

The goalie Skender was not even 1 of the 3 goalies selected by Bilic for the 2 qualifiers and the only 2 defenders he really used was R. Kovac and B. Zivkovic. The rest of the players were mainly mid-fielders. The only reason R. Kovac and N. Kranjcar started and played the whole game was because they are not playing regularly for their club teams. The Dinamo trio were resting for their Croatia Cup final on Saturday with Slaven Belupo, Budan’s playing on the weekend for Parma to try to stay out of the relegation round in Seria A and Petric is preparing for the Swiss Cup on Monday.

The Croatian team will be just fine and with Bilic leading the way they will be ready for Estonia.

I have a question.

Does anybody know where I could get or buy soccer matches on DVD? Obviously I’m looking primarily at all Croatian and Dinamo matches. I would also be interested in other various matches too. 1 match in particular I was looking for was Croatia’s 1st ever santioned match in 1992 vs the USA in Croatia where Croatia won 2-1.

A friend of a friend had a contact in the US who had all EURO and World Cup matches on DVD, qualifying matches, Club team matches from various countries, UEFA CUP and Champions League.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Denis youre doing a top job!

u didnt even up date england player david backu faggot

croatia teams

for next year uefa n champions

dinamo in champims

hadjuk in uefa talk about that shit too u faggoot

Hey Sauce, if you look at you will find a bunch of other news too. This is just the blog… I hired people ti work on it but I guess they dont want to…

Sauce if you are intersted in updating the site to your likes you are welcomed to,

give me the user name n password now u faggot

Yea yea, as soon as you learn how to write properly, cuz I dont really understand your writing…

Keep your head up though, you’ll learn someday dont worry.

Why do you let dickheads like sauce, good name asshole, on this site denis?? Don’t let serbs in.He surely isn’t a Croat, if so I’d love to know where the little pussy is from.

Corluka won’t be playing apparently, he is being rested. I am expecting a 3 – 1 win for Croatia.

Hey Denis you mind if I write for the site? If I have to prove my Croatianess to write for it, I will gladly do it.


2:0 croatia Srna and Da Silva scoring in the second half

hey denis i have a question ass i’m living abroad and not in Croatia i can’t watch it at rtl television(channel where the match will be showed) because Rtl televisia you can only watch in croatia…now my question if i pay the price of the feed you have given in my sister’s house will i be able to watch it at my OWN house? because i want my sister to order it because i don’t have a clue how i should pay via the internet, i have never done it before!

please answer before saturday

Torcida Sure! my e-mail is, send me our e-mail address…


You need a credit or debit card, go on the site I showed you, make an account. It will test your computer to see if the video will work on your computer. Then you will get your user name and password. After that you choose the match you want to watch, click on it and then you follow the payment instructions.
Its very easy and it works. I used it to watch Croatia vs Macedonia.

Make sure you have a fast internet. If you have dial up its probably too slow to give you a nice picture. I have DSL and it works beautifully, the picture is crystal clear, and no shuddering..


Oh! You want ur sister to buy it from her house but you want to watch it from yours!!

Okay, in this situation you have to make the account on your computer, get the user name and password. Send the User Name and Password to your sister, make her pay for the service, then you should be able to log in and watch the match.

MAke sure she picks the right match and right package wich will allow you to watch the game LIVE! IF you have more quations e-mail me at

The sister thing sounds a bit complicated to me so i will watch it at home because i don’t want to blow because if i do my sister won’t never pay again!!

I have 3 questions what are bothering me!

1) Do i have to make that account on Saturday morning because if i understood it well i only have acces to live stream 24 hours?

2) What do you mean with fast internet? I have windows if it is that wat you ment.. don’t understand that internet stuff

3) I probably don’t have DSL but do you have with all kind of internet a great quality?


P.S. i have to write it here because for some reason i can’t send you a email.

1) you can make the account right now, but order the match on game day..
2) Oh, I was talking about how fast your internet connection is. How fast does your computer browse through the internet.
( Dial up = Slow ) ( Broadband, DSL, or Cable = Fast)
3) If you have dial up the connection is probably very slow and therefore videos would probably take a long time to load.
When you make your account you are just getting the User Name and Password you are not buying anything. While you make ur account it will check if your computer has all the right software that will enable you to view the match properly. If you don’t it will not let you make an account untill you set up your computer to run according the requirements.
After you pass the automatic computer test, you will be then able to order any match you want.
find the Croatia match and click on it, then it will send you to a screen where you can choose the package option ( There is three packages, a 24 hour pass, an all day pass, and more ) After you choose your package you will be sent to a payment site, there you will pay for the service safely.
After the transaction you will go back to the site, log in and wait for the match to start.
Here are my questions to you, How old is your computer?
Does it take long for a site to load on your screen when you browse the internet?

I have just made my account and i agreed with everything and after i clicked” I agree” there came a message under my screen with a text like: “We advise you to take a other internet fast because the yours isn’t right however you can still subscribe”

that wasn’t exactly the message, because i’ve forgotten it, but it was a red message and you could see that all internet stuff were great but for windows you could see a red X.

what does that mean? I know it’s not positive but will it affect my screen when i watch the game?

when i was using it the “windows media player ” turned red but I continued anyways and it still worked…

Are you using firefox or Internet exlporer to view sites?

I recommend Internet Explorer….

I have firefox, someone installed it but i don’t know how i should get rid of it!

Is it really bad if i use firefox?

Maybe Raver has right and it is time for Ljubo to retire i mean if Ljubo can’t beat a player like Volandri,which isn’t very known in tennis, than wat has he to do in the top 10? i am a big fan of his but i also see when a player is doing really bad and since 2005 i can’t remember one good period Ljubo had!

you dont need to get rid of fire fox, instead of clicking on the firefox button to view your sites use Internet Explorer to view the site, an then try the configuration test to see if all the requirements check out to be green.

Internet explorer is the browser that has the blue “e” as the logo…

Ljubicic lost??? didnt he just beat some swiss guy?

ljubicic is in the 3rd round guys…he won


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