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Euro Qualifier – Kranjcar News – Pletikosa Scare – Guus Hiddink Sensing Weakness

Posted on: May 26, 2007

Euro Qualifier
June 2nd 2007 is only 7 Days away from today! That mean we will be playing Estonia in a week! I’m excited are you I excited? lol jk…but no really I’m excited…
Jelle Goes( Estonia Coach) was interviewed recently, he didn’t say much about Croatia other then that we are a world class team. His mind was somewhere else. He was talking more about england then their upcoming match against us the vatreni. My point is we’re going to win because he doesn’t use the Bilic mind set. If you don’t know what the Bilic mind set is let me explain it to you. When Bilic has an upcoming match he doesn’t comment about future games he concentrates on upcoming game only. “We play one game at a time” is what he usually says. But Jelle Goes the Estonian Manager is worried about England already, if his teammates are talking about england too 7 days before the qualification match then they will be in humongous trouble.

Kranjcar The Future Of Portsmouth
The Pompey star, and Croatian international player is already in future plans for Portsmouth. The fans and Media are already talking about what crunchy ( Kranjcar) has to offer to the team, and fans.

All Kranjcar ever talked about was to go and compete for Europe. But his goal was taken away from him by Retard Referee, Graham Poll who gave Simunic 3 yellows in the world cup. Jk about the “Retard” Part.

If Kranjcars goal against Arsenal did count. Portsmouth would have had a chance to compete in Europe. The fans  they admire Kranjcar for really trying to accomplish a task for the better of the team. Next season I’m pretty sure that Niko Kranjcar will in fact be the starting player. And that he will become Pompey’s hero.

Bilic To Cure Pletikosa’s Weak Mind
Pletikosa is not stupid silly! His confidence is way down after a poor performance against Russian teams in the Russian league. Slaven Bilic Stepped up and helped the Croatian Goal Keeper. He gave him advice and lifted his spirits. Bilic is still in the process of trying to make Stipe Pletikosa gain confidense before Croatia packs and goes to Estonia for the next qualification match. But thats not the only reason! Guus Hiddink the Russian Coach is sensing  weakness on the Croatian squad. He was talking about Pletikosa off course.

Just to let you know. Pletikosa in 2002 was great! That was the year when the Keeper blossomed, and proved to Croatia he was the real deal. Russia may think they will have it easy, but I have seen Pletikosa play many times before and I don’t think we have to worry about anything.

2 Responses to "Euro Qualifier – Kranjcar News – Pletikosa Scare – Guus Hiddink Sensing Weakness"

croatia its ther best keeper need him 7-0 ew step up

Serbia loses to Borat’s country, ew step up.

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