Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Good News! Watch Croatia vs Russia Free!!!

Posted on: June 5, 2007

You will be able to watch Croatia vs Russia for free! Go on The click on “watch Croatia Live” and click on Free Video Feed!

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12 Responses to "Good News! Watch Croatia vs Russia Free!!!"

for sure!!

denis can u put the free live stream on your blog becuase i cant download nothing plz dogg

croatia 2- russia0

goals da silva both

peter, you have to download it anyways, the stream doesn’t work without the download. The download enables you to watch the game….

Just follow the on screen instructions when you try to watch the game tommorow

i did try to download and wont work n yo put in on your blog someway so every1 can see?

I cant put it in the blog, this doesn’t allow codes…

After the download refresh internet explorer and go on the Video stream link and you should be able to watch the game

denis how u down load sopcast can u put the list? i need help

one sec i will give u the link

Is anyone have trouble getting the game, cuz it keeps saying “no peers to connect”. Does anyone know what i can do??

same denis help

budan come in

wtf balaban not playin fuck olic sucks

By the way,im a quator Croatian,but i love the team so much,im rooting for them for the 2008eurocup completely.theyyy should of won big time.IM as well not scared anymore of Rusia becasue were finished with them,but England looks like a threat.Macedonija i know we can beat,and Isreal…..we can beat them to.I dont know why people worry so much about loosing 2 the other teams,you gotta have faith in them,cuz dey are amazinng.They have it in them to succeed

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