Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia vs Russia 0 – 0 Not Everyone was happy with the score….

Posted on: June 6, 2007

The picture above describes it all! Not all of us were happy with the score but at least we are still number 1 in Group E!!


11 Responses to "Croatia vs Russia 0 – 0 Not Everyone was happy with the score…."

yo denis get the highlights from the score

yea they will be coming soon….3 – 4 days…jk! 🙂

Man.. We deserved a win, Kranjcar played bad though. Budan should have been subbed in, instead of Petric. He would have helped with getting those crosses in the net…

Who are those Hrvatice, I’d like meet em….

We played well
should have won if we got all those shots in…oh well we should qualify soon if we win the next couple of games!

yep!! Im just happy that we played better…im not scarred of russia anymore…

We are gonna win the next two games. I am just a bit concerned about the other three : Macedonia, Israel, and England. I would love another battering of England.

I agree with tovari. Why isn’t Bilic giving Budan any playing time? Olic and Balaban have been ineffective so far!


da silva6 starting

petric 4 statring

balaban1 sub half

budan0 sub hal way half 2

olic0 cut off

ect others


olic and balaban are useless. Need to get ratikic and rukavina into the team asap. Needed extra width on the bench in midfield. It showed when srna went off that we dont have any other out and out right wingers. Leko was good but is more suited to central role hence corluka was almost a winger which shouldnt occur. Babic should start instead of simic. I can understand why petric, babic etc started on bench though and commend bilic for giving them a rest after there long and tiring seasons. Thought could of possibly used srna as an impact player mayb come on 10min into 2nd half. All in all not to unhappy with the performance and look foward to our next match

i remember back in early 2000’s everyone was saying balaban n olic were croatia’s next big stars..bla bla…but they never amounted to anything…budan should have his chance now 2 be the sub…also im disapointed in kranjcar,honestly i thought he was gona be insane but to me hes very shaky and weak….i duno my opnion…bog i hrvati!!!

Guys, does any of you know which position Ilicevic of Bochum plays?? He’s performed well for the u-21 team but I haven’t seen any of the matches. If he is a Right Midfielder he could be a viable replacement for Srna when he’s suspended or injured.

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