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Ivan Rakitic is Officially On The Croatian Squad!

Posted on: June 24, 2007


Ivan Rakitic is now a officially on the croatian squad! Now we have even more talent on the squad!

Ivan Rakitic’s Attributes

  • Great goal scorer!
  • Great Ball control!
  • Best shot accuracy! ( Scored hat trick with volleys! )
  • A friend of Mladen Petric!
  • Great speed, very talented….
  • He is the key to winning the Euro 2008 tournament!

Now that we know what he is able to do, who will he replace on the field? I know he Bilic will not replace him with these players…


I think slaven will replace simic with rakitic, he will move rakitic to up to Niko Kovacs position, and Niko Kovac will as a defender…

33 Responses to "Ivan Rakitic is Officially On The Croatian Squad!"

We will use this site while im working on the new ….

lets seee what this kid can do….rememeber klasnic was a big goal scorer in germany but for natioanl team he missed everything….lets put him out there one game n see what hes got then well talk about who he replaces

That’s a no-brainer. Replace Kranjcar, the man’s lost a lot of his gifted technical skill playing in England where all those cheese-and-cracker gits know how to do is run like the wind and run some more. Sure, he’s faster but Croatia doesn’t need ‘brzina’ , they need an effervescent player who’ll perform consistently and Kranjcar is not that man and never was.

he should replace srna..srna should be moved back to his natural position of right back and corluka should move back to his natural positon at center back..rakitc can play with both his feet while srna relies heavily on his right foot and always goes down the right wing..rakitic can cut into the middle of the pitch therefore opening up the right side for a srna overlap to deliver his deadily crosses..

im excited to see wat this kid can do he looks like a hell of a player and i hope he brings something more to the cro squad him and my boy igor budan.

LOL! Replace kranjcar??? WTF the guy is the best player on the squad!
Did you see him in egland….he will become a regular starter in the new season!!! His passes are golden, plus he has the most assists for croatia…

Here is my New Croatian starting line up….

booom! thats how u win euro 2008!

u cant get rid of kranjcar

He hasnt even said his decision yet
hes calling a press conference today to announce his decision!
apparently he will most likely choose switzerland
Switzerland after all?

Luka Rakitic, Ivan’s father, is one of the few who know the decision about the choice of representations.

– He told me, but I can not tell you. He will announce it – said dad Luka, who was not too happy with the decision.

When asked if he is happy with the decision, Luka only said that everything is moving along its course, and that Ivan will have the support of his family.

Considering the previous wishes of the father Rakitic, about a Croatian Jersey, his answer does not give good hints.

– Tomorrow Ivan will announce his decision about the choice of representations – said the father Luka at the end.

this is off:

Dont expect him to jump in the team straight away though. Hes turn will come soon enough. Probably just against andorra give him a good run!

I dont think you can play niko kovac in the back and if you put him where srna is you lose a lot bc srna brings alot to the right flank. he will be a big help to the team but i dont think he will jump in the squad right away. samo zajebaje….Rakitic alfready chose croatia, the press confrence will be just for questioning nothing more.

If you read the news from ( a more trusted news site) they say that the swiss are very dissapointed with rakitic’s decision, and that they are now aware that croatians and serbs arent reliable players to nurcher, becuase they wil alawys choose their motherland….

Rakitic, chose Croatia i dont think we have to worry about a last second decision…

We will line up vs bosnia as follows
Srna/Corluka Kovac Simunic babic
Kranjcar Modric
Petric Eduardo

Will still have a lot of width from the full backs and may have more creativity in the midfield adding rakitic. Rakitic is not a shoe in for our 1st 11 but vs bosna he will play. Normally we would have corluka at right back and srna right wing and this may not change.


it’s good that he choose us! very good.

now we must get rid of kranjcar because he’s definetly a talent who didn’t make it in football!

our lineup vs bosnia:









the guy looks like a fag ne wpic u seee him he gay i think

dudu and balaban up front

srna babic kovac rapaic

zivkovic kovac simic vejic


no way





on the bench


Its nice for a change to have this problem (too many players). Since Rakitic is replacing Lincoln at Shalke, he must be a no.10 type player- our midfield is getting deep… In a 4 man MF, Kranjcar’s been the weakest lately. I wouldn’t mind seeing us play a modified “christmas-tree” like AC milan, with Rakitic playing Kaka’s role behind Dudu and Petric (although i’d like Budan sub for Petric). That way, we can still play Kranjcar-Modric-Srna. Add Babic and Corluka raiding down the flanks and you have a seige. This formation would be ideal after N. Kovac retires, if not right now. Plus Rakitic needs time to integrate, anyways… So, after 2008, then.

you guys are crazy that think they will take out Kranjcar!
Kranjcar did almost every assist, so he was involved in almost every goal that croatia played.

This is the best formation for Croatia

Corluka – Simunic- R. Kovac – Srna
……………….N. Kovac…………………..

If you look closely at the formation Srna will still be able be a part of the offense, Niko Kovac would easyly cover his spot when they attack.

I agree with you about Kranjcar. The guy is one of the main reasons Croatia is able to retain possession of the ball for so long. When Kranjcar was subbed off during the Russia game our level of play dropped drastically. We were no longer able to bring the ball forward to their goal as efficiently as before. People just don’t realize why Kranjcar is so valuable. We are an attacking team now and not a defensive team that we’ve been playing with for so long now. To be an attacking team you need to control ball possession and smooth passing to be able to bring it to the opposing teams goal and that’s what Kranjcar contributes to the team. And like you said, he has the most assists. To be the one setting up most of our goals means something. Although I don’t think he had the best game against Russia, you definitely noticed our level of play drop when he left the pitch.

I like your line up the best so far. Except I’d have Modric and Rakitic switch spots. Modric is the engine of the team and needs to be in the middle. I like Corluka and Srna as overlapping flanks also. Has Srna ever played on the left side though. I thought he naturally on the right?

Corluka – Simunic- R. Kovac – Srna
……………….N. Kovac…………………..

p.s. if either Petric or dudu get subbed off, Budan should be the first choice sub to come on and not Olic or Balaban or Rukavina or Mandzukic or whatever other striker delusional people think are amazing…

I like the latest poste team except post n.kovac we will look more like this
Corluka – Simunic- R. Kovac – babic


dont agree with budan being 1st sub but. If klasnic comes back from his kidney transplant he HAS TO be our no3 striker if not no2 or 1. He is quality. Yes he has underperformed previously but how is he supposed to rectify his performances if he doesnt play

Look, I like Kranjcar, and yes, he is great on the ball, but i don’t believe he is good as a left sided player. His one massive weakness is his pace, and a LMF needs pace. Thats (partially) why Srna was so effective against Israel and Macedonia. Kranjcar would be perfect as a no.10 behind Dudu and Budan/Petric, where he can make those smoothly-threaded passes and use his great strength on the ball to full effect. Srna is a right-sided player. Budan best complements Dudu as Budan is a classic center-forward while Dudu like to play in the “channel” off the left( Dudu is really starting to remind me of Henry). Petric is a little redundant with Dudu. Balaban is totally mediocre- I have no Idea why people like him. Olic works his ass off-He impressed me v Russia, but Budan-13 goals in the toughest league for strikers AND while in a crap team with lousy service is equal to 20 goals in most places…

Do you guys really believe Rakitic will walk straight into the first 11?
Are you guys serious?? It’s amazing how people build someone up to be amazing before they’ve even done anything on the world stage and he’s all of a sudden going to be our saviour without kicking a ball at this level and against the likes of England at wembley.You must be joking guys.He can’t beat out Rapaic or modric or n kovac or srna for a starting spot.That’s ridiculous.He’s too young and inexperienced and needs a season to come up to a whole new level and yet everyone has him as a starter ahead of veterans with 40 plus caps.I hope he’s great but I don’t see him as a starter for a while and as a striker I’d have rukavina ahead of him so I can’t see where he can fit apart from the subs bench.And you must be related to Balaban ante, there can’t be any other reason to pick him in the squad yet alone first 11.

jero, Bilic has already announced him as a started for the friendly against bosnia….

Yes I know Denis, but it’s a friendly and after looking it lot more it looks like there was a lot of pressure on him to be picked in the first team this match because he could not choose croatia and then not make the side, the swiss would be pissed off because he was already a guaranteed a start for them.Some dealings going on here I think but I still don’t see him as a starter in qualifying matches.

hes only starting cos thats one of the deals they offered him to try and make sure he chooses croatia.
I say he will be on the bench in the qualifying games….

Olic is shit. Bottom line. Running your ass off does not equal goals. His role is to put balls in the net. He’s the main reason we didn’t beat Russia. Not the only reason, but the main reason. True he won some battles for the ball, but he couldn’t do shit with it. It was always lost. He gets the ball and tries a back heel which looked horrible. That was what caused Srnas injury in the first place. Balaban isn’t that great and Olic stinks. Klasnic needs to prove himself in Werder before he has a shot back in the NT. He hasn’t played well in over 2 years. And he hasn’t been anything special for the NT.

@Jero I never thought Rakitic was going to be some saviour for the NT and is our permanent starter on the team now. I only thought about what the line up should look like with him for the game against Bosna, or Estonia or Andorra. Even if he doesn’t start and gets subbed in, you are going to have to put him in a position/role that would suit him and the entire team. I still love Srna and Miki, don’t get me wrong, but Rakitic will have to be played in order for Bilic to lock him into the NT.

My 2 lipe…

Hey, Rakitic is going to start playing right away!! You guys dont understand…
He is Swiss best player, people liked him more then petric, and he is considered better then petric too!

You guys have to understand he is not just some player coming to the team, he is a TRUE talent! He probably will become the Best croatian player….He will score lots of goals from the midfield, and also give allot of assists!

He is not just a young kid joining the squad!

Please do this for me! Go on and look at some videos of him playing! You will realize what the potentials are with Rakitic!!!!! Our goal count will dramatically increase!!

We finaly have a complete team! Great Defense, Great Midfielders, and deadly Forwards!!


It’s good to have Rakitic with the national squad. More Importantly>>> I agree with everyone who has realized that BUDAN should be the first choice to sub for Petric or Dudu. His talent is being wasted by having Olic/Balaban etc. subbing instead. Prosinecki needs to slap Bilic and get him to start subbing Budan in whenever possible!!!

Denis S, I think your heart speaks louder than your reason… I love your passion!!!


p.s. Well said DREW

he`s not replacing anyone , he still has to earn his spot in the team I`m pretty sure that bilic is gonna give him the chance to do that .He is a young and perspective player ,I think he will take olic`s spot which means a joker player who will come inn in the second half of the game .


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