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Bilic Rates Kranjcar and Rakitic…

Posted on: June 26, 2007


Slaven Bilic has rated both Niko Kranjcar and Ivan Rakitic. This is what his ratings were:

Harder League=
Kranjcar (5) Rakitic (3)

Dribbling =
Kranjcar (5) Rakitic (4)

Rakitic (5) Kranjcar (3)

Experience is on Kranjcars side…

Goal Scoring and Shooting=
Rakitic (5) Kranjcar (3)

Bilic said he will see who will start against Bosnia in August after Rakitic plays against FC Zurich, there is a good chance thatKranjcar will be substituded by Rakitic…perhaps both player will get one half to prove them selves.

7 Responses to "Bilic Rates Kranjcar and Rakitic…"

ohhhh sounds like kranjcar isant what he thought he was…if rakitic proves himself y not play him instead of kranjcar…srna,modric,rakitic,kovac sounds good to me

well we all know after euro08 n kovac will retire. well you would think so, therefore we will have Srna Kranjcar Modric and rakitic in the midfield. Such a midfield we are putting together. As to who will play vs Bosnia. Rakitic will start. Kranjcar may or may not. but why not play a diamond midfield instead of a flat 4 with kovac as dm, srna right wing, rakitic/kranjcar/modric taking up the left wing and attacking midfield roles.

it’s gona be sad to see niko kovac leave,he is an awsome captain and good

are you still working on new site denis?




Eduardo Can Replace Henry – Croatia Coach Bilic

Arsene Wenger dropped a surprise of sorts on the transfer savvy media on Monday, as Arsenal signed Croatian international Eduardo Da Silva from Dinamo Zagreb.

Despite Dinamo claiming otherwise, the transfee is supposed to be in the region of £8-10m. The 24-year-old signed a four year contract at the Emirates.

Croatian coach Slaven Bilic, who has made him a regular international, tips him for some great things while asking the Gunners to be patient.

“He is not yet a big name in the Premier League but, don’t forget, he has already scored a goal against England,” began Bilic.

“In fact, last season, he scored 54 goals combined for Croatia and for Zagreb. He is certainly a goalscorer.

“No one can replace Thierry Henry at Arsenal right now. He is the one of the best strikers in the world. And the things he did for Arsenal over the last six or seven years were amazing.

“But, as I remember it, while he clicked with the club from the start, he didn’t play beautifully for them in his first season. He did well but it took him time to adjust.

“Eduardo can replace Thierry Henry but the Arsenal fans need to give him time.”

“Zagreb did not want to sell their captain,” he continued. “The president of the club told me he had received much bigger offers from teams in Russia and the Ukraine for Da Silva.

“He resisted them all but when Arsenal called, I told him ‘how can you deny the boy this dream?’

“This is Arsenal Football Club, one of the most respected and famous clubs in the world. He couldn’t do it to Da Silva and reluctantly agreed to sell.”

Coming back to the Gunners, Bilic added: “It’s a big blow to Arsenal to lose Thierry Henry to Barcelona. But with Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin Van Persie and Theo Walcott, Da Silva will sort out most of their problems in attack.

“Eduardo scores great goals but that is not all he can do. He can open space for other players in the team. Last season he had the most assists in the Croatian League. Arsenal fans will be delighted with him, I am sure of it.”

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