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Ivan Rakitic already scored 4 goals for Schalke!

Posted on: July 4, 2007


What the hell! Ivan Rakitic the new croatian international already scored 4 goals for schalke in a friendly

5 Responses to "Ivan Rakitic already scored 4 goals for Schalke!"

There is good news all around….

Luka modric refused a 24 million dollar move to shahtar…where srna plays. Well Modric didnt exactly refuse, Dinamo did. I dont think modric wants to play for a stupid team anyway… ( oops did I say that out loud!? )

Good to hear our young superstars aernt leaving cro to go play in some ridiculous leagues. He should sign for arsenal although i think dinamo are asking for far to much for him. Wenger is a big fan of modric and if dinamo allowed the deal i think it would benefit Arsenal FC, Luka and dinamo would clearly get a bit of $$$$ ou of it. Wenger would not pay 30mill though if he were able to get him for 15mill id say the deal would b done

this is going to be the best ransfer season ever!
da silva to arsenal
plenty of clubs intrested in Luka Modric
corluka apparntly might be going to tottenham
petric to borissa(dont know how to spell it)
rakitic to shalke
plenty more transfers tocome aswell

i just wish srna would leave shakter and go somewhere awesome

im glad dinamo didnt accept shakter cos they are fairly crap

lol! Rakitic has scored 1 more goal today! He now as a total of 4 goals for schalke!

sorry 5 goals!!

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