Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia: We have a stronger team now then before…

Posted on: July 9, 2007


Sorry This Article Was Accidentaly Deleted!! I was editing it and I somehow clicked X and turned off the browser….and now its gone forever!!

All it talked about is how good croatia is now with rakitic on the squad….

10 Responses to "Croatia: We have a stronger team now then before…"

wow! I cant wait till we play bosnia in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree the team is way better now then it was the last game

my concern is still who will rakitic replace? I hope its not niko kranjcar, niko did great things for the national team. He assisted like crazy, plus he made us look better, because he is the only one who dribbles sometimes.

cant wait for modric to get out of dinamo!

wud up! nice site by the way!

yea, the tranfers were quite impressive! I cant wait for modric to joina big club

Nice site!!! and a great article!

And i lover our currently squad! And there are new talents that will come likeKreso Ljubicic, 18 year old midfielder from Eintracht Frankfurt, Ivo Ilicevic from Bochum and Dario Cvitanich from Banfield(Argentina). Last name will probably get a chance VS. Bosnia.

Yes nice site, and rakitic will replace niko kovac or kranjcar.

I hardly wait for august,
I want modirc to join arsenal so Edaurdo has a friend from croatia you know what i mean?

i think rakitic will probably start on the bench for us..if niko kranjcar struggles at portsmouth and rakitic plays well for shalke then i can definitley see him repalcing kranjcar in the starting lineup by 2008..

it says that cvitanovich guy is argentinian but can be called up by the croatians if they want him.. not another 1 lol

the cro squad is lookin crazy. Hopefully this good form can help us qualify for euar 2008 and maybe we can perform there.

what about this guy david vrzogic.. from dortmund hes like 18 hes a defender is he cro or what?

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