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Gallas worried about Arsenal’s future ( Read This!!! )

Posted on: July 10, 2007


William Gallas says he may leave Arsenal unless his fears of further underachievement at the club are put to rest following the departure of Thierry Henry to Barcelona.Gallas, apparently unimpressed by the arrival of Croatia international Eduardo da Silva, said several of the club’s players are worried that Henry will not be replaced adequately, leaving the Gunners further adrift of Manchester United and Chelsea.

“Several players are questioning the club’s future,” he told his website. “Around us all the teams are recruiting but what is planned to compensate for the departure of Titi Henry? I will have a discussion with Arsene Wenger and the board members to find out the objectives of the club this season and what they wish to set up to build an even more competitive team.

What the hell is this dude talking aout!!! Eduardo da Silva is 10 times the player then this shit stain will ever be! If he is so worried then he has a problem. Why does he relay on other players to win him a trophy? If he is any good he will try hard to win and stop complaining like a little girl.


7 Responses to "Gallas worried about Arsenal’s future ( Read This!!! )"

nice new site 🙂
would u please be able to get that article about croatias new team back up cos i didnt get to read it……
when abouts are vedran and modric going?
any news?

what the ****** is gallas talking about shitty henry sucks, Edaurdo is 10xx better then gallas and henry, I dont rlly care if gallas leaves because arsenal still has A.Cole. But is weneger still happy with eduardo?

Nice site =D

ill kick gallas in his nuts…ill put my money on dadu over henry anyday…

Yo guyz i kno this is late but u kno when we faced austrialia in the wc 2006 u kno the second goal WAS OFFSIDE

umm were did gallas say hes gonna leave? hes just questioning the signings thats all cause wenger talks about signing big players but never does im an arsenal fan and have been for years.. so i understand his pain and its not an attack on da silva, let gallas see and first of all lets all see what da silva does then well judge. im not so confident ahh hell score 20 25 bla bla if we get martins da silva might not even be playin much.. wtih van persie, martins, adebayor, bendtar and da silva so just chill abit

Well steve, he’s said it on every site I’ve been on and also it’s been noted on a few that wenger is really pissed at him for saying it.He’s also questioned the signing of eduardo without actually stating his name but he said the signings weren’t good enough and that he’d leave if they didn’t sign a big player.Wanker.Just like he was at chelsea and they were happy to get rid of him by the end he created so much hassle.

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