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Eduardo is number one Striker, the fight for the second spot is between Adebayor and Van Persie

Posted on: July 11, 2007


Eduardo Da Silva’s almost too impresive record will give the Croatian a chance to start for the Arsenal team. Many Arsenal fans are very excited to test out this new youngster. Word on the street is that Adebayor and Van persie will have to  fight for the second spot on the offensive side of the field.( Actualy its not the word on the street, announced that today | July 7th, 2007 | )

  ARSENAL vs BARNET Line Up! (July 14th 2007 ) Lehmann – Eboue, Kolo Toure, Senderos (Gallas), Sagna – Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto, Rosicki – Eduardo, Van Persie (Adebayor).

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Eduardo Da Silva vs Niko Kranjcar September 2nd 2007!

All croatians and including me are waiting for this match! We all want to see Dudu and Niko Kranjcar play against each other!

But the question is who do we want to win? Arsenal or Portsmouth. I personaly would want Dudu to win, the reason why is because I want a good impression from Eduardo. Niko Kranjcar on the other hand is a midfielder. He is not supposed to score anyways.

I guess I want this to happen…. Arsenal 3 – 2 Portsmouth ( Eduardo Hattrick ) Niko (Kranjcar 2 Goals) 🙂 I know it looks stupid but thats what I want!!! Teasing Eduardo With Quote of the Week
 * “The physical side of the league is pretty much the same. It is football after all. Technically it is the same too – the only difference is the discipline and the concentration” – Arsenal newbie Eduardo Da Silva thinks the Premier League is about as skilful as the Croatian league. Who lent him a Bolton DVD?

15 Responses to "Eduardo is number one Striker, the fight for the second spot is between Adebayor and Van Persie"

Ajooj!! Eduardo is going to score 48 or more for Arsenal! Its not even going to be funny! Plus, if Eduardo Wins the English Title!! Hollley molley…he will get even bigger offers! I can see him play for Real madrid in the future, or Barca.

But the best thing offcourse is knowing that he is on the Croatian squad

i want luka modric to get signed somewhere in europe
like england or spain

lol this is funny.. personally Van Persie is the number 1 striker, Eduardo might be for these friendlies but when it comes down to the season Van Persie will be the key.. untill Eduardo finds his feet. Van scored like 11 goals last season and was injured missed like 3 months of the last season but i just want Eduardo to score in his first few so he feels comfrtable and can show his best

van persie should get the start he is an amazing player.

I want eduardo to start off and score many goals as possible agaisnt barnet. probley eduardo will cream barnet because there an easy team.

Also Igor tudor is playing for hadjuk now!!!! but not for the national team D=

if silva doesnt make first 11 im gonna recall ivica olic and tomas bak in D… so dudu the pressures on cunt mwa

if da silva score 15 goals i want him in chelsea.. for 50 mill i like this player and i give eduardo 48 of the mill so the cherap arsenal cann ot buy playa ha ha bye bye kiddies

why dont u eva choose me in the squad were did i go wrong?
btw ur wifes good in bed maby thats y ?
coz if it is then u shldnt choose lil luka modric hes a regular with her

and oto baric says hi

ehh slaven bilic.. were hev i herd dis name..can i get ur number digits? i will take u for a coaching over the murinho dickhead..i want a coach who will offer his wife with me and his daughters under ages of 12 like my russia republic..anyways u give me call and we negoshiate for $$$$$ byea now zbogom

hey ppl how u been jebote
well im currently in istanbul being treated for mental illness
wtf did i do that was wrong?

ajde love use all heheh

my turk wife says kako si

im a big fan of silva my nxt album is called


ajde kupite ljudi

top song

eduardo a number 1 striker? from croatia i will break his bones with my head. and he will fall like wayne rooneys ugly ass . i looking forward to meet da silvic and i play 1 on 1 with him and who has more headbutts wins i think i am winner see u soon duda

fck u vidic u gay serb

hey vidic,
kazakhstan 2-1 serbia

Vidic???? lol eduardo eats defenders like vidic for breakfest…

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