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Footballers When they were Kids! 1st Edition! ( 5 pictures )

Posted on: July 14, 2007


lol! This is Thiery Henry! When he was a kid he looked like one the characters from a show called different strokes…


hahahaha, Rooney looks just like an alien in his baby photo. He looked ugly then, and he looks ugly now…


The saducer….?


Notice the yellow teeth on his latest picture….gross! His toddler years he was teased and was often called Fat-boy!


On the first picture he looks like stalin, on the second one he looks like a piggy, on the third one he looks like….billy

This was the first edition of “Footballers When they were kids.” Join us next time! And you will see Ronaldo, Messi, izaghi, and totti!

8 Responses to "Footballers When they were Kids! 1st Edition! ( 5 pictures )"

LOL, THEY LOOOOOOK SO FUNNY, but c.ranldo at the second picutre looks lke he is fat

Rooney still looks the funniest to me!

Aww Eduardo da silva didnt play against barnet D=

ooo my…this is hilariouse!

Rooney’s ugly alien baby photo>>> It looks like he has telepathic mind altering abilities, look at his eyes!!!

Try this out for a laugh>>> Take Rooney’s hideous baby alien photo and right click it, “set as desktop background” in “Stretch mode” ….

LOl Drew! That is hilariouse!!!!! Imagine this though….
your home by urself, and suddenly a small kid ( henry as a baby )comes out of ur closet….lookin exactly like he does on the photo..creepy right!

is that seriously ronaldo in the second pic cos it looks nothing like him?

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