Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Only In America….

Posted on: July 14, 2007


Only in America….
is Beckham More popular then the sport its self!

– people are thrown off and think the goal count in a soccer match is low, when in fact its very similar to american football where 1 point = 7 points! You do the math… 3 – 2 would be 21 – 14 which is a common score in both soccer and american football.

– is soccer considered a female, or a sissy sport. But the facts show more broken legs, and noses, and many other injurys occure  during soccer then any other sports in the world.

-live the most boring sports fans! In europe hooligans are the srongest supporters of a sports team! Meanwhile americans are eating lolly pops, and hotdogs at the ball park watching baseball ( probably the slowest game in the world, baseball makes chess seem like formula 1 racing )

-do poeple think American football takes skill, they still didnt realize you have to be big, fast and strong….and maybe posses these skills: Throwing, and Catching to be able to play pro! In soccer you have to know how to dribble, have balance, use ur head without flinching, thinking and playing at the same time, have confidence, have the skill to outsmart someone, shoot, pass, long pass, chest, fake a foul….etc

4 Responses to "Only In America…."

hahah that is so true isnt it my friends?! Untill america wins the world cup they will always be losers in sports to me.

you see, americans take on challanges! They won the race to the moon! They are one of the richest nations in the world! They got the best technology! But they have the shittiest soccer team ever! They just fail, and fail, and fail…you can succede at many things if you have money…but international soccer is one thing where money cannot make you win! It can motivate ur players but it cant MAKE U WIN!

You cannot be called a national superpower untill you prove it with soccer! Soccer is the only sport in the world where ALL countrys compete….once you win the world cup then you are conisdered the best in the world! SOccer is a test off pride of your nation! The love for your country, the dedication, and most iportantly sacrafice! If you are missing any of those traits YOU CANNOT NOT win the world cup! The lack of any of those will not get you far in the world cup…

How can you call ur self the best when you never took on anyone…

Australia used to be like this but its changed…except now the aussies get ahead of themselves with the soccer..
they thought they would win asia cup but they lost to iraq lol

yea, I agree USA needs to prove they are the best in the world by beating the world with soccer…not with money! Money is an object, soccer is a passion. America clearly doesnt have any passion for their national team. I guess they let them behind, which is odd. Because americans always talk about never letting an american fall, but obviously they let the national team fall HARD…

some support, eh 🙂
its kind of sad actually

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