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Rakitic Assisted – Eduardo didn’t play for Arsenal – Kranjcar helped portmouth

Posted on: July 15, 2007


Ivan Rakitic
Schalke took on Middlesbrough and beat them 3-0. Ivan Rakitic Aissited, he gave Kuranyi a beatiful pass wich gave schalke the lead in the 20th minute.

Eduardo Da Silva
Eduardo didn’t play against Barnet today ( a second division team ) the reason why is not because Wenger didnt want him to, but because he didn’t get his work permit yet. He will soon start playing for his new club. Right now its all about practice! Practice! Practice!

Niko Kranjcar
Niko Kranjcars team Portsmouth beat some  random team 2-0. Niko Kranjcar once again did a superb job controlling and passing the ball. He was replaced after only playing 40 minutes. Lets hope the coach will play him more often when the real season starts.


5 Responses to "Rakitic Assisted – Eduardo didn’t play for Arsenal – Kranjcar helped portmouth"

krajcar better play more this season!

i cant wait for us 2 play bosnia…r we going to have our full team?

yea i heard everone is going to be there….Rakitic will even debute against Bosnia bilic said in a press confrence

we’re prob going to cream bosina like 6-0. And i hope that porthsmouth cocach puts on niko more offten. But i heard niko is moving to a french league,

yea, it was a rumor but he will stay at portsmouth

is vedran going anywhere soon?
cos i was reading stuff about tottenham being heaps intrested and on wikipedia it says ac milan and stuff are after him.

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