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When will Eduardo Da Silva’s Work Permit be done?

Posted on: July 16, 2007


I found this awesome picture of Eduardo da Silva and Arsene Wenger. My first question though was how did they communicate? Dudu only speaks Portuguese and Croatian…not english right?

But then a more important question popped into my head. When will Eduardo play his first game for Arsenal and against who? Many sites on the internet and newspapers have confirmed that Eduardo will not play until his work permit is done. But when will the work permit be done?

I guess I wasted your time with this post, because I dont have any answers for the questions I asked myself in the above writing. So if you find anything out, let me know! Just post a comment here. Let us know whats going on, if YOU know of course! Wich I dont. This is gettin awkward and confusing isnt it?

10 Responses to "When will Eduardo Da Silva’s Work Permit be done?"

lol, im proud of myself for finding the photo u see above. It was purely on accident that I found it…..

Anyway,if you know any of the questions I ased above, feel free to answer them. You dont really have to aswer the question about how Wenger, and Dudu communicated…But if you have answer for that one, knock your self out!

But here is my theory! Im thinking that wenger was speaking english, and eduardo was just like YES! YES! YES! OK! YES!

Thats my little theory. 🙂

oh shit! they are good questions! Dammit! Now I want to know all the aswers!

This is going to haunt me for days! Please answer the questions!!!

lets hope he plays soon

well it better be soon, cause arsenal just bought another striker lol from argentina some guy called polacio so yer this is abit worrying but who knows whats in stall i think its gonna be Van Persie, Eduardo and Polacio i dont think Adebayor will last long thats what i hope at least 😛

steve I agree, i hope da silva gets playing time very soon! Its just a matter of time before he starts his killing spree ( scoring goals ) 😛

Ok, This is what i think. wenger mabye speaks spainsh to eduardo? or eduardo might know a little bit of english.

And i think his permit wil be done b4 the EPL starts

Work permits are very tricky but I don’t know of many who haven’t got them.I do remember there was a policy of having to have played 2 years for the national side or the club buying the player must show that he is and will be a regular player at international level.Eduardo is a regular but only for the last 10 months so they,whoever grants permits, might have to get in touch with Bilic and others before approving him.I’ve heard of that before and clubs struggling to get them and bringing national team coaches in and when that fails perhaps some bribes.So it might take a little time but I hear they hope to play him in salzburg in some tournament in late july.Didn’t hear about Palacio though, they wanted Martins last I heard and not another unknown player but someone from the premiership.

By the way Denis, any idea where I can get a photo of the current squad to download, and also that lovely photo of the croatian cheerleaders from a month ago.Love to show some croatian stuff off at work, love showing the so called football ‘powers’ about our little country.Although I’m getting some stick about Eduardo now that he’s becoming known.

oh ok, i will post the links to some great photos in exactly two minutes! Brb let me find the content

go on that web site and then click on Croatia vs Russia! There you will see a bunch of Croatian photos. ANd I think there is a photo of the Croatian national team on it. Juts look at all the pics…

if you want the one of the cheerleader, just loot at the previouse Blog will eventualy find it.

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