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Da Silva and Sagna lined up for debuts

Posted on: July 17, 2007

duda9383.png Eduardo da Silva and Bacary Sagna, Arsenal’s two main summer signings, will make their club debuts on Thursday.They have been pencilled in for 20-minute substitute appearances against Turkish First Division team Genclerbirligi in Austria.

Cesc Fabregas, William Gallas, Tomas Rosicky and Jens Lehmann are also in line to play.

One man who will definitely not form part of Arsenal’s future is Julio Baptista, after Wenger confirmed the striker will be heading back to Real Madrid after a mediocre season on loan.

Jose Antonio Reyes, who went to Madrid as part of the Baptista deal, will also be allowed to leave, but Wenger insists he expects winger Freddie Ljungberg to stay despite rumours of a move.

“I expect him to be here [at the start of the campaign] because he has not left yet,” said Wenger.

“That is 90 per cent yes. The Freddie case is a bit different than it was for Thierry Henry, if he had wanted to go we would have let him go. But I am happy that he stays.”


19 Responses to "Da Silva and Sagna lined up for debuts"

Wow Eduardo only get’s to play 20 min. well im guessing the match after that he’ll play full 90 min. But im still thinking eduardo will score 2 goals in 20 min +D

lol HRVATSKA! You commented on this article 25 seconds after I posted it on the site!

but yea, I belive he will play more and more as the season goes on.

The first couple games are always slow! And I dont expect dudu to start in any of the upcoming games.

Once he warms up a little he will become a strater…

HEy Dennis i just love your site :D. But i guess we know that Eduardo permit is done +D

heheh, thanx! Yup i guess now we do know that his work permit is done, or will be done by thrursday!

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lol yea. But i heard Wenger in the interview against Barnet that he is gona use him against Inter milan Salazburg and paris saint. And Do you know when Croatia faces Bosina? i kno it’s in august but when =D

August 22 I think. Rakitic will play in that match i heard…

Oh thx Dennis 😀 for the new site

YA rakitic will play for one half and niko kranjcar for hte other half. But moslty i want rakitic to play the whole game BEcause Niko kranjcar really doesnt do anything except dribble and loose the ball.

its the same one but without ads…

I kno i like it =D

lol niko kranjcar does good, i like the way he plays…the reason why is because he assists almost every goal croatia has. plus we need atleast one player that dribbles once in a while. He makes the croatian team complete in my opinion…

Well ya thats true but like Rakitic should like play for one match to see how he plays for Croatia you kinda know what i mean?

Wow Dennis look what we did we made 20 comments on 1 article lol

Did you guys read about all the Palacio stuff at arsenal?? The big hoax boca fans played saying he was signed by arsenal and every paper ran with the story in england.He was supposed to be Henry’s replacement.I was worried until I just read it was a big joke, still not sure though.
Here is another article Denis, a short one about modric, sounds promising.

I hope Modric plays for arsenal to becuase Modric and Eduardo make good teammate


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