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Why does our captain, Niko Kovac look Asian?

Posted on: July 17, 2007


This title may be very missleading because this article isnt really about why Niko looks asian. This article is about something completely different. Well not that different, it is still an article about our Croatian capatain.

Anyway, Niko Kovac is now how old? All I know he was born  October 15th 1971 which I think makes him 36!  How long will this player stay in the Croatian national team? Will he stay longer then the Euro 2008 tournament? Will he participate in the FIFA world cup  games? These are all questions we must ask our sleves because this man in 2008 will be 37 years old! And 39 in 2010!

Niko Kovac doesnt get enough credit for his hard work that he gives the Croatian national team. He is probably the only player on the squad that plays his heart out. When everyone is leaning forward with sweat poring down their backs. Niko Kovac is still pushing and trying a little harder then everyone else.  He truely plays untill he really can’t anymore.

The weird part about having Niko Kovac on the squad is not his age diffrence from other players, but the age diffrence between him and Slaven Bilic! Slaven Bilic right now is 39! And Niko is 36! And in 2010 Niko will be 39….but will Niko play in the world cup while being 39!?

I personaly think he should play in the next world cup “IF” Croatias performace in Euro 2008 fulfills our expectations.

15 Responses to "Why does our captain, Niko Kovac look Asian?"

Niko is the hardest workin player on the national team and he is the one who plays with the most heart when he retires its goin to be hard findin someone to fill his gap and play like he did. He is a great player and his age to me doesnt matter much.

Man im gona cry when he retires, he truly is a 10 out of 10 player. im gona miss him. I heard that he will retire after world cup 10. and probley be a coach beside slaven bilic. But after he retires can any1 tell me who will be captain on our teeam? Also you have to say Niko kovac is the best captain in europe

Niko Kovac is the best captain in Europe. And what some of these young guys dont understand is that during the golden age Niko had to be patiant in gaining his place on the national team. I think his brother should take over when he retires

Niko Kovac is a legend!
I read after the world cup last year that he and his brother will most likely retire together and make the decision together. I really do hope that he plays until the next world cup. His skill isn’t top class but he can run all day and he always puts 100% for croatia!
I personally think that Josip Simunic should be captain if robert and niko both retire together.Most of you probably wont agree but he also puts a lot of effort in for croatia and is a good player.

i think we our next captain should be someone who people look up to. Remember boban! everyone loved him… I think we should get a strong figure to be our captain! Simunic, and kovac are too quite!! We need someone who is a little cocky, and talks some shit once in a while! I would deffenantly consider, igor budan ( when he gets to be a regular ) eduardo da silva, perhaps even niko kranjcar. He is a real team player. He has the most assists just like boban.

Maybe him and eduardo can be the boban and Suker of 2008 and 2010!

Kranjcar would be good. Da Silva and Budan not so much.
But i guess weve got a while to think about it cos Niko isnt going anywhere in the near future :).

Are they bringing out a new jersey design for euro cup?

oh ya i tottaly forgot about the new jerseys! All i know is that the croatian design is top secret. They want to introduce the new jerseys as surprise. But many are sceptical and dont want a jersey change because we are doing super aweseome with these jerseys we have now. In other words many people dont want to jinx our squad with new jerseys, because the blue jersey, and our traditional red checkered one is now considered lucky. And is worshipped by all croatians all over the world.

Ive got the current jersey but i wouldnt mind a new one 🙂
i think they should keep it mainly checkers but add some blue to it and make a bit more of nice design out of it…i like the 2002 jersey!

everyone should hop on to this site and vote for davor suker…u can only do it once a day…SO DO IT!

while ur at it vote for croatia as the best football nation at (i think)

JOZE!!! HELL YEA LETS VOTE!!! Cmon everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a chinese boy in china,i am croatia football fans.i think niko is a real man!!!!!

lol this boy.. iv noticed alot of asian kids like kranjcar.. is that a coincidence or am i just overoding this.. anyways leave it to urselfs lol

Man in Australia we have africans and asians wearing suker tops, its so wiked to see!!

Lol. i think eduardo should be our next captain.He give 100% like kovac and he doesnt fight at all. Also about the new jerseys i think we shouldnt have them we should get them around the world cup. But if you think about it jersey arent rlly jinx. It’s what the players play like. for example when arsenal got there away kit’s few weeks ago. they beat barnet. But trust me if we get our new jersey’s It’s what the players play like. Petric will still play like Petric,Eduardo will play like Eduardo Simmunic will still defend liek simunic. Srna will still be superb on his freekicks.

Hey. i was reading about corluka and did you know he might move to ac.milan,spurs,bvb,everton. i want him to move to milan or bvb. Becuase he has petric and kovac there. Milan he would have simic

I’d say that the next captain after Niko should definitely be Srna.

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