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Wenger waits on Modric

Posted on: July 18, 2007


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been given first refusal on highly-rated Croatian midfielder Luka Modric.Wenger asked about signing Modric when he landed his Dynamo Zagreb team-mate Eduardo Da Silva for £8.5million but he

was told that Modric was not for sale despite the Emirates boss mentioning a fee of around £10million for the 21-year-old international.Modric first caught Wenger’s attention playing in last season’s Champions League qualifier against the Gunners but Dynamo are determined to keep hold of him until the end of the season in a hope his value will raise even higher.Modric is widely expected to play a key role when Croatia play England in a European Championship qualifier in November.

This strory was found by JERO! THANK YOU!

10 Responses to "Wenger waits on Modric"

It would be nice if Luka modric also joined Arsenal!! Dudu and luka, play aweseome together!!!

Dinamo are f*@kn c*nts. they should let the bloke leave cauz lets be honest he is going nowhere if he stays at dinamo zagreb. He is by far the best player still in croatia and for him to develop fully he needs to play at the top level constantly not only in internationals

Yes i know. I hope Modric will play with Eduardo, they play well together, But i also heard that he will get signed next season


7!! that’s awesome where are the points gained? there’s no international match…

SO WHAT Lol go check it out on WE”RE 7th “DDDDDD

haha Im also glad the English drop out of top 10

lol i know englands suck at footbal rlly bad


Arsenal to sign Luka Modric for 12 million pounds and Palacio for 15 million pounds and Sneider in Ajax for 13 million pounds

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