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Eduardo Played Well for Arsenal

Posted on: July 20, 2007


Eduardo Da Silva after the the match against a Turkish club said that he was very happy with the way he played. Although he was a little bit sore from his training sessions. He told the press that the training isnt very much harder then practice with Dinamo Zagreb. He claimed that everyone knows how to play well, and that he is not afraid of competing with his teammates for the starting spot.

Eduardo also said that he was just adjusting to the english  game, he was only given 20 minutes which he belives if he had gotten more he could of scored atleast one goal. 

Eduardo’s work permit still isnt complete a %100 but he is still allowed to play 1 half of a friendly match. He hopes the work permit will be done as soon as possible so he can adjust to more game time, and less stressfull training sessions. He sais its annoying having to think about the work permit, it doesnt allow him to concentrate a 100 percent.

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3 Responses to "Eduardo Played Well for Arsenal"


I saw that game on TV, it was a good game. Eduardo had played very well, if he was given more then 20 minute he would of scored for sure…

i saw the game to. DID YOU SEE HOW HE WAS DOING TRICKS AND CROSSING UP DEFENDERS. MAn he will do good in the FA league. GO EDUARDO CROATAIN FANS CHEERING YOU ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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