Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatian Squad Is Promising New Accomplishments

Posted on: July 21, 2007


Prosinecki, Croatias assistant coach is feeling good about the Croatian squad. He already attended many soccer gambling conventions and put lots of his money on Croatia to play in the Euro 2008 final.

The coaches aren’t the only once that are confident, the Croatian players also gained a little confidence with the new arrival of Ivan Rakitic. Bilic said he will have a hard time to decide who he will play in the sarting line ups. Niko Kranjcar has a superb international record, and rakitic is a great player too. Bilic said he will most likely let Niko play once in  a while, then rakitic…then maybe even have Niko, and Rakitic in the game together and give Srna breather. Who know the possibilties are endless he said.

He also commented that Croatia has reached a stage in their game where they need to play harder, and more diciplined. Croatia is now Ranked 7th in the world. Many teams have just now recognized us as a dabngerouse team, and they will not let us by easy this time. Thats why we will have to play even harder now then before.  Thats why tarrival time  of Rakitic is perfect. We advanced as a stronger team, just like we adavnced in the world rankings.


10 Responses to "Croatian Squad Is Promising New Accomplishments"


the best thing is we can afford atleast one bad performance coming into the final qualifiers because we have done so well…that will ease the pressure off the players. I think rakitic and kranjcar should maybe switch early in the second half of the bosnia game. BILIC IS THE BEST!

CROATIA 4 EURO 2008!!!!

Croatia is the best team in the world. They play real soccer. and Bilic is the best coach

I do believe the team we have now is the best since our Golden Generation, Bilic is easily the best manager we have had since Blazevic. I hope we do reach the final though all it takes is one slip up and them our affection will turn into anger once again.

yea it would suck if we dont even get to the 2nd round. I guess I would be happy with quarterfinals, but I really want to win. After a taste of 1998…its all i have been dreaming about!

man i love bilic.. he knows that teams now look at us as a threat so he lets the players no that if they think this is good enough well its not cause he wants them to be a major force and contend in major tournements,we couldnt have a better coach and our squad looks very healthy im glad rakitic is in hes just another gem i think anyways the bosnia game is important but noas important as the next 2 qualifiers.. yet they might look easy on paper we must neva let go thats the true spirit of atop team anwyays CROATIA ALL THE WAY FUKASSS.. HATERSSS EAT A DIK 🙂

Hell yea man our squad is the shit right now. i am pretty positive that we are going to qualify and when we play in euro I have a feelin we are goin far. man could euro cup come any sooner. go hrvatska

Lads hate to be the man who rains on our parade but we have done nothing as of yet. Yeh we beat england but who cares. I do agree we have a top notch squad with the ability to go all the way but lets not get ahead of ourselves. We need to calm the situation and the expectations on the repka should not be as high as they are considering they have proven very little. I for one do believe we can go all the way but i think that for us to be placing all this pressure on our players a year out from a tournament is stupid.

How can we forget we all thought Kranjcar was our saviour then we got to wc06 and did nothing.

Im not saying dont expect anything from us but im just saying there is a lot of time between now and switzerland/austria 08 and we should not be judging our team till closer to that date

mate you have made a fair point. I just think that things have changed since wc06..not only with the players but with our attitude. We no longer underestimate teams like japan and australia and play 100% almost every game.

Yes, we could very easily go downhill very quickly but i think this team has something different to other croatia teams in the past.

We can only hope

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