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Balkan Hooligans Documentary! Must Watch..

Posted on: July 23, 2007

See Hajduk Split Hooligans,  Dinamo Hooligans, Partizan Hooligans, and Red Star Hooligans up close and personal! There is 5 parts! This is the best Balkan Hooligans Documentary I have ever seen. Please watch it and leave a comment! Enjoy!!

Part 1 out of 5

Click On READ MORE to see part 2, 3, 4, and 5!

Part 2 out of 5

Part 3 out of 5

Part 4 out of 5

Part 5 out of 5

Thank you for watching! Thats some crazy shit isnt it! Can you believe Zare a Serbian Grobar raped someone!? very interesting video dont you guys agree?

10 Responses to "Balkan Hooligans Documentary! Must Watch.."

If you still didnt watch this the I recoomend you do! This is not just some shitty fotage of a youtube video. This is an actual documentary by Danny Dyer! It is very interesting! Each video is about 10 minutes long! So the whole video takes about 50 minutes!

The dinamo and Hajdu split hooligans were my favorites! The grobari have Guns, plus they rape people??? Not women, but men! Its gross…

Thx Dennis. I watch this tho =D

wow.i seen everything now. Croatia can kick serbias ass anyday

The part about raping the Torcida is all bullshit. They play with guns because they cant fight like men. they are a bunch of clowns.


Wow! Are u fuggin kiddin me! This shit is crazy!Thankx for the Video! What the hell? Zare, is a gay serbian soccer supporter that has bad vision??? I’ll fuck him up ( not sexualy ) WOw! Did you see the dinamo supporters when they sing and that guy is watchin every single one of them…It gives me goosebumps!




yeah if he keeps missing these sort of chances the permit wont last long 🙂

ovdje ocito nedostaju navijaci sarajeva Horde zla koji su u vrhu

The best supporters are Red Star supporters, or Delije!!! And, about Zare that fucked Parangal, that is real true. By the time, Grobari worsen, you can see that they showed themselves as criminals, not as supporters. Believe me, I saw what Red Star fans do, they are crazy bastards! Last time, when Croats and Serbs had a fight it was when Hajduk Split went to a game to Montenegro against Buducnost Podgorica, so Red Star fans went to Podgorica to fight against Hajduk. They kicked asses of Croats.. Today, the real and firm that can stand the most feared firms on the world is only Red Star… Also, Dinamo Zagreb had a game this season in Romania, what is funny, no one of their supporters wasn’t brave to go through Serbia, where it is closer, but the made a route through Hungary. Pussies.. Hahahah…

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